Jan 29

Afternoon Sledding

Jan 27

Moonlit Sky

Jan 25

At ground Level

Jan 10

low light

Jan 03


Dec 30

A Moment To Appreciate What We Have

I stand on the mountain top.

The sun rises clear and bright over the peaks

as the dawn birds chirp and sing.

I feel peace and utter awe at the beauty of earth.

But I feel the anger rising up in me.

In the distance I can see smoke clouding the tree tops.

Far below me the mountain lake is clear and beautiful but also toxic.

Algae and pollutants infiltrate the water.

Why don’t we realize how valuable a world we have.

Its priceless yet we continue to destroy our home.

We have failed.

How can I stand here as each day close to 2.5 million trees are cut down every day.

All the time I want more, more, more. I can never appreciate what I have.

We live in a cycle of endless consumption that is destroying our one shared home.

I look at the landscape in front of me.
Dec 28