May 23
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Only Human

If I could describe myself in one word, I would.
If I could say one defining quality, I would.
But that's not what it means to be human.
Humans are made up of pieces that fit into a whole:
Little quirks and thoughts put into a sac of chemicals
that walk around sharing those pieces with the world.
When you truly know someone,
you know the little parts of them that make them click.
Perhaps they have the weirdest way of dancing,
and hate lemon bars.
Maybe their favorite color is the shade of sunlight
when it streams through the green leaves in the forest canopy above.
Or maybe they can never suppress a smile whenever they hear the worst of dad jokes.
These are some of my little quirks.
They float around in my head, grounding me to this earth,
and showing me what it means to be human.
I don't understand why grown-ups always ask us 
who we are.
There is no definitive answer,
May 01
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All I Sea

All I can see is sea
A memory of who I used to be
Clashing, smashing against my boat
Keeping me afloat

All I can see is sea
Calm and collected like I appear to be
Ripples spreading far and wide
So just a mini version of the tides

All I can see is sea
A stable entity, like a tree
Always there to comfort the world 
Even while we all get twirled
From place to place 
And time to time
The ocean stays there like a favorite nursery rhyme

All I can see is sea
Teaching me to be more carefree
Life is too short to be caught in the waves
Because then you get pushed into the caves
The ones offshore where you can’t see any light
And there is no hope in sight

All I can see is sea
Calling in distress and glee
Changing, and adapting so quickly 
Laughing out a silent plea

All I can see is sea
Apr 29
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A Spinning Girl


I’m Katrina

Let me tell you a little about me

Did I mention my name is Katrina?

I was born when my mom, the free flowing, sunny tropical waves of the Bahamas, near Cuba

met my dad, the one and only powerful Cyclone Twelve.

They decided to call me Katrina (Have I told you that yet?)

Anyway, I’m Katrina 

And maybe I should tell you a little bit about me

I grew pretty big pretty quickly

At my biggest I was 400 miles wide

My mom was the clear, cool, and beautiful tides of the Bahamas, which are located between Florida and Cuba

My dad was the muscular, unyielding Cyclone Twelve,

And my name is Katrina.

Here are some facts you should know about me

But first let’s take a calm, deep breath,

Everything’s fine, and everyone is safe

Life is short so take advantage of this moment,
Apr 21
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Parts of a Home


Such a small, concise word, and yet so full.

Full of promise, hope, and excitement.

Full of calm, peaceful, contentment,

and full of security.

Where is your home? 

Perhaps on that beach with the cool, wet, sand squishing between your wiggling toes,

and where the waves crash like million mirrors over your feet.

Perhaps with your best friend right after they whispered the funniest joke in your ear,

And you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing in the most grotesque way possible.

My home starts on a cold, rainy day. 

The clouds drape over the sky, giving it a downcast, grey, demeanor.

When the rain comes down in sheets of bedrock, pounding on the ground outside my window.

Inside, the fire crackles warmly filling the whole room with a pleasant glow,

Everything is cast in a flickering orange-red light filled with wonder,