Jan 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Secret

Silent Secrets

Though her heart beat faster and faster,
he said nothing.
She gripped the words she wanted to speak,
and held them back.
She knew what she was doing,
wouldn't help her in the long run.
But she still stood silent on the platform,
for she knew,
If she opened her mouth,
all her little secrets would spill out.
She faced the judge,
and looked into his frown,
she knew instantly she was going down.
She would be ridiculed and called guilty,
locked in jail for life,
she thought,
wouldn't that be best? 
No more would I worry,
there would be no way for those little secrets to escape!

A little voice in her mind said no,
if you hadn't had those little secrets in the first place,
you wouldn't be in this position.
Just tell them,
let them fall out!
Then you'll be free.
"Well?" the judge said,
interrupting her thoughts,
Jan 19

Everyday Angel

An angel with golden wings,
I once knew her,
she told me of a world where marvelous things,
were quite common,
and elves danced underfoot.
Then I woke up.
But the angel was real!
She didn't have golden wings,
but she was kind,
oh, she was so kind!
And she tried to always smile,
when she didn't everybody wanted to know what was wrong,
they wanted to make her happy again.
Everyone liked her,
she had no enemies,
at least,
none that made themselves known.
The best part about her though?
She really,
She felt bad when somebody was hurting,
she tried to make them feel better,
but if that didn't work,
she would let them wallow in their misery
until they'd had enough.
Who is this angel with golden wings?
With a voice as smooth as honey?
I can't reveal her identity,
I don't want her to get sent back to heaven.
Jan 19

How to write a Ratio

To write a ratio,
you must know how,
How many buckets of milk from each cow?
Farmer Howe must sell one breed,
Brown or Horned,
which will it be?
If she gets 3 buckets
from each Brown,
for Horned, 
it's looking down.
But they give 4 buckets per cow!
3:1 or 4:1?
There is no contest,
even though Farmer Howe
may detest
selling her cows,
even she knows who's

Jan 19

The Old King

There was an Old King who sat on a throne,
in a castle made of crumbling stone.
And the village around it was dying and dead,
with not enough food to make a single loaf of bread.
His reign was long forgotten,
his kingdom turning to dust,
he had no heir for the throne,
so he called for all his guardsmen and cooks,
the maids, the butlers, the keepers of books,
the gardeners, the butchers, and the dentists,
and said,
"Go home! the is nothing left in this dead and dying town,
you won't be able to leave,
if you don't leave now." 
Everyone protested and whined,
but deep down they knew the truth,
the old king was right.
One by one they packed their bags and left,
leaving the old king behind.

Jan 15

The Truth Of Trees

The big, beautiful birch tree outside my window,
Standing strong against the gentle breeze.
The shouts, and moans of the tree next to me,
All dressed up in lights,
being stripped of its bark by careless children,
it still grows on.
Trees surround us,
in cartoons,
and books.
Whether we realize it or not,
trees give us the air we breathe, 
walls and roofs for our homes,
hulls and masts for our boats,
chairs for us to sit on,
and rocking horses for us to have fun,
Trees are our life,
Whether we accept it or not,
believe it or not,
either way,
it's still true  
Jan 13

An Ode To Pomegranates

Oh, pomegranate,
I sing your praises, 
When I cut you open to reveal
The ruby gems that taste like heartbreak,
and joy.
I taste
The sweetness of a lemon,
and the bitterness of a blueberry,
the shine of the sun on the dew on a spring morning,
and the frozen flakes dancing down from the sky.
I feel a something that is different from everything,
and that is why,
Oh, pomegranate,
Your praises I sing    
Jan 11

Nursery Rhyme for Sleepy Heads

There once was a cat
and a dog,
in the middle of a bog,
The cat hissed and swiped,
The dog growled and yiped,
Then a frog jumped onto a lilypad
and said,
"You've had enough time to bicker and whine, 
Not cool!
Do you even know the time?!
Find a place to rest your head, 
and please,
and go to bed. 
Nov 27

The Deep End

I wish upon a dandelion,
That my wishes will come true,
Floating thoughts,
In my head,
I'm sorry,
I'm afraid I can't tell them to you.
Endless blue sky,
Turns to gray.
Winter is upon us, 
It gets closer every day.
It is not something to fear,
But something to hold very near,
Like the blanket draped over you,
the Hot Cocoa in your hands,
Summer may be over,
but that doesn't mean your happiness ends!
Snowball fights,

I wish upon the first,
Lonely star,
In a sky,
So big,
And endless.
My wish,
tossed into the rolling sea,
Will it be granted?
Wait to find out with me.
Gazing upon the planets,
Ever swirling in the big,
They have no choice to keep moving,
But time stands still.
Nov 07


The sigh of relief rings around the room,
shared by everyone who can breathe.
The number, 20 more than needed!
There is no way the red can win.
Blue has prevailed.
Thanks for voting America.

(No offense if you are Republican)
Nov 03

The Egg and The Orange (How Do You Like Me Now?)

The Egg said to the Orange
"I love you."
The Orange responded
"I wish I could to but you are so fat around the bottom. I wish you could fix that."
The Egg's smile drooped,
"Lets see."
The Egg traveled to the nearby villages and far away citys, searching for the one who could get rid of the problem. 
Finally, the Egg found someone, a Squash called Dr. Red.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Dr. Red asked, concern written all over,
"Of course!" said the Egg, "This is what I truly want." 
"Good." said Dr. Red, "Because what I am about to do is almost irreversible."
The Egg just waved Dr. Red on.
The Egg traveled back to the Orange, very please and happy.
"How do you like me now?" the Egg asked,
"I am so pleased!' said the Orange, "But now you are all cracked and you look like your shell will fall off at any second." 
"Oh." sighed the Egg, all the happiness flowing away.