Jun 13


The world is relentless in their fury,

Society is the judge and the jury,

But if they’re not careful he’ll become the executioner,

And take down not only the prosecutioner, 

But them as well,

Because his whole life has been hell

While he’s reaching for heaven,

They curse his name on the streets

When really he’s a godsend,

And everyone’s got their own shit,

But meanwhile the bomb goes tick-tick-tick

And as the numbers count down,

Another town gets shot up
Mar 25

School Days

Okay, okay, okay,

Hear me out.

We come into school five days a week,

Stay for seven hours,

Get at least five subjects crammed into our limited sized brains,

Get not even twenty minutes of ‘freedom’,

Where we can’t even take out our phones for fear of them getting taken away.




Take three tests a week, 

Write an essay every month,

Forty minutes a day for “catching up”

But they simply give us even more work to do.

No time, 

No time,

Gotta figure out how to make this rhyme,

Turn the pressure up higher, higher

Yet they wonder why our self esteem is so low!

Telling us to do our best,

Ignoring our pleas for an extension,

Or any common sense of time management,


“I could do this in a day!”
Feb 21

Fleeting love

How do you fall in love with a shooting star?

A tail
So blindingly white,
But if you blink,
You miss it.

Here for only a moment,
Only seen by those who are looking for it,
Beauty so exquisite,
Exhibited by a streak in the stars,
A flaming gem for select few to witness, 
A private symphony for all of those who watch to marvel at.

A fallen angel,
A fallen dove,
A fleeting moment,
A fleeting love.

Jun 18

Faulty Grenade; Girls' PoV of Timebomb by Nico Collins

But trying so hard to be perfect,
Leader of a cult that wants my head,
I didn't ask for this crown.
You mock me,
adding another crack to the glass,
It's getting harder and harder to not show my fangs.
You bite your tongue and roll your eyes,
I show you my claws and you retreat again.
Don't act so suprised, oh don't you know,
I'm a faulty grenade,
with a pin that's coming loose,
getting ready to go BOOM!
I'm stuck on top of a mountain of judgment,
I'm sick of trying to play nice,
Putting others down to regain my confidance,
I don't like it,
to little to late,
Nobody offered their hand,
To help me up,
from this well.
Now you're cracking jokes about me,
I shoot you a look that silences you,
I laugh bitterly inside,
Nobody better mess with the wicked witch of depression.
Cracking, cracking,
May 26

12 Petals

The delicate pink rose in my hand has 12 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me
A thorn pricks my finger and blood starts to well up. 11 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me not
A scarlet drop falls to the ground without a sound. 10 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me
A single eyelash falls softly to my cheek. 9 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me not
It is gently blown away by the wind. 8 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me
The sunlight sparkles on the glass. 7 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me not
It casts shadows and rainbows equally matched. 6 petals spiraling inwards
He loves me
Flickering like a candle flame.
May 25

Cotton candy clouds

Earlier this evening,
I saw cotton candy clouds drift by,
Making their way across a taffy sky,
Twisting and swirling like lollipops,
Practically bouncing off the rooftops.

And as I gazed upward,
I could feel the grass at my feet,
A lovely shade of peppermint green,
And the marshmallow smoke puffing out of a candy cane chimney
Along with the rock candy bushes –
All of us gazing upward 
At the cotton candy clouds in the taffy sky.
May 25

The sweet side of 1:45

Do you ever get the feeling,
That 1:45 might've been waiting for you?
In the stillness of the night
Its a beautiful thing,
Knowing that you're the last living thing awake in your house
Music blasting,
That this was waiting for you
Minutes passing like caramel,
So sweet,
But it's a funny thing,
As you want time to freeze
You don't want to have to go to sleep
The darkness is calling
You just want to slip into it
have it envelope you
Like a hug from someone you love
The stars billowing out from around you,
The world at your fingertips...
Then you blink
And wake up to the relentless beep of the alarm
Telling you that the magic you felt
Is long gone
May 22

Favorite color

My favorite color
Is Purple
As a lilac
As deep as an ocean
With smatterings of black
As full as the universe
As fear inducing as nightmares
And swirls of red 
Bright as the sun
All consuming as Murderous intent
I call it happy rage
It allows you to smile
But it also alows you to boil
It cultivates your emotions
It manipulates them
Its hypnotizing
It gives you a pretty smile
With sharp teeth
And shining eyes
With hidden knives
May 21


Side by side with me
On a blanket beneath the stars
No moon around so they glow brighter than before
I miss our midnight chats
Our lively banter
Our minds connected 
But separated
By this small black rectangle
And miles
And feet
And meters
And people 
But when the clock strikes Twelve,
When Cinderella hurrys back to her carriage,
We come out to our keyboards,
Anticipating the fun that always follows,
We aren't good 
We aren't bad 
We be
Living under the stars
The night may be dark
And monsters might be roaming
But we don't need light
The monsters leave us alone
We don't need halos to be holy
We just need to be laying side by side on a blanket looking up at the stars
May 15