May 15

Girl On Fire: A Hunger Games inspired song

I am the Girl on Fire,
Trust me I can feel the flames.
They call me the Mockingjay,
I won the Hunger Games.

With every cell of my being,
I try to forget,
the faces of the tributes,
now lying dead.

I have a list of names,
constantly running through my head.
Of all the people,
Thanks to me forever dead.

I am the Girl on Fire,
Trust me I can feel the flames.
They call me the Mockingjay,
I can't escape the Hunger Games.

I saw my sister go up in flames,
Old man from 11, they blew out his brains,
Will I forever have a list of names,
Of all the people I've condemned?

To everybody it seems,
I am just a piece,
A part of a game,
Can't rid myself of this legacy.

I am the Girl on Fire,
My name is Katniss Everdeen,
Only Gale calls me Catnip,
But we're no longer friends it seems.
Apr 25

April Snow

The snowflakes land on my eyelashes,
And crown my hair
Coating the trees and plants with a white armor,
The beauty of the world is really showing,
But its April,
So why is it snowing!?
Apr 16

Where Is My Ice?

Where is my ice?
I knew there was a lump of it,
Right here!
Just a few years ago.
Where is my ice?
Why are there more orcas around?
Where is my snow?
It was here just a week ago.
I saw it!
I swear!
So how come it's no longer there?
Where is my ice?
Apr 15

God-Tier Lunch

When the devil gets rid of her horns,
And the angels come down from their golden thrones,
When they sit down and chat,
Laughing and snacking,
They'll chill there for a while,
Then after an hour or two,
The angels sadly depart,
"We've got humans to look after!"
The devil gets up as well,
Slowly walking up the long cobbled street,
Puts her horns back on 
And a grin,
Waiting until the next time they do it again.

Mar 19
poem challenge: Photo-Green

A Poem of Green

The color of the shoots sprouting in my flowerbeds.
The color of the evergreens on The Trail.
The color of the grass cushioning my feet.
The color that seems, 
To represent New Growth,
and Beauty,
and Spring.
Green is a beautiful color,
it can calm you down,
remind you of shiny Emeralds,
it can just be.
Mar 18

Broken by the Light

1 I hear the whispers in the hallways
2 I can hear the floors creak
3 The shadows are broken by the light

4 the ghost lies awake
5 screaming,
7 the broken hearts lay on the floor
6 cracked & shattered
3 The shadows are broken by the light

1 I hear the whispers in the hallway
8 the voices breaking, like glass
7 the broken hearts lay on the floor
5 screaming,
3 The shadows are broken by the light.

9 when we cannot remember who we are
7 the broken hearts lay on the floor
5 screaming,
4 the ghost lies awake
6 cracked and shattered,
3 the shadows are broken by the light
Mar 18

When I'm in the woods

When I'm in the woods,
I feel free,
like all the weight that's been on my shoulders
has been lifted off of me.
I can build a fort with my friends,
or maybe
just go exploring.
I know my place in the woods,
not at the top,
not at the bottom,
maybe somewhere in between.
The woods seem to hide secrets,
not bad ones,

When I'm in the woods,
I feel relaxed
and energized,
like I can be anything I want to be,
real to only me,
whenever I'm in the woods,
I find
Inner Peace.
Jan 20
poem challenge: Secret

Silent Secrets

Though her heart beat faster and faster,
he said nothing.
She gripped the words she wanted to speak,
and held them back.
She knew what she was doing,
wouldn't help her in the long run.
But she still stood silent on the platform,
for she knew,
If she opened her mouth,
all her little secrets would spill out.
She faced the judge,
and looked into his frown,
she knew instantly she was going down.
She would be ridiculed and called guilty,
locked in jail for life,
she thought,
wouldn't that be best? 
No more would I worry,
there would be no way for those little secrets to escape!

A little voice in her mind said no,
if you hadn't had those little secrets in the first place,
you wouldn't be in this position.
Just tell them,
let them fall out!
Then you'll be free.
"Well?" the judge said,
interrupting her thoughts,
Jan 19

Everyday Angel

An angel with golden wings,
I once knew her,
she told me of a world where marvelous things,
were quite common,
and elves danced underfoot.
Then I woke up.
But the angel was real!
She didn't have golden wings,
but she was kind,
oh, she was so kind!
And she tried to always smile,
when she didn't everybody wanted to know what was wrong,
they wanted to make her happy again.
Everyone liked her,
she had no enemies,
at least,
none that made themselves known.
The best part about her though?
She really,
She felt bad when somebody was hurting,
she tried to make them feel better,
but if that didn't work,
she would let them wallow in their misery
until they'd had enough.
Who is this angel with golden wings?
With a voice as smooth as honey?
I can't reveal her identity,
I don't want her to get sent back to heaven.
Jan 19

How to write a Ratio

To write a ratio,
you must know how,
How many buckets of milk from each cow?
Farmer Howe must sell one breed,
Brown or Horned,
which will it be?
If she gets 3 buckets
from each Brown,
for Horned, 
it's looking down.
But they give 4 buckets per cow!
3:1 or 4:1?
There is no contest,
even though Farmer Howe
may detest
selling her cows,
even she knows who's