Jul 14

I Know

I miss the little things,
I know I can't get them back.
I miss knowing every answer,
I guess I'm old now.
I miss my friends,
I know there will be no 'See you tomorrow!'
But it hurts anyway.
I know these things will come back.
I think.
I hope.
I pray. 
The time flys by,
Just once,
I hope for time to stop.
So I can travel back,
Taste the happiness of my favorite memories.
I know I can't,
But that doesn't mean I can't wish.

Jul 14


Don't talk to me anymore,
Don't sit near me anymore,
Don't laugh with me anymore,
Don't even come into my range of sight.
You left of your own accord, 
Now you're trying to get back in?
You've missed a lot,
A textbook couldn't teach you.
You crack cruel jokes,
You push people away,
You push people out,
You make room for yourself,
You forget the little people,
You hurt me.
I gave you 
Second chances,
Third chances
Fouth chances,
Five times!
Now you want back in?
The others say yes.
Hi again.
Jul 14


Jul 01

What Happened?

What happened,
To this blissful happiness, we settled into,
To Black Lives Matter, 
To fair trials,
To punishing someone fairly,
To looking at who you are shooting,
To Police Stations telling their Officers who they are looking for,
To Equality,
To life.
Jul 01

I'll be your light

I want to tell you
It's okay to cry.
I need to tell you
You can touch the sky.
When your world is shattered
And the edges are jagged
And you're all rattled about,
I'll be your light.
I'll help you fight
Through a sea of darkness
And misery.
I'll be your light
And guide your ship to the harbor.
I'll shelter you in the storm.
If the clouds crowd the sky,
If all the flowers die,
If the sky is grey,
If the grass is dead,
If everything is ending,
Just give me a call,
I'll be your light.
Jul 01

Ism and Ist

Is not okay.
Is not okay.
Being Racist,
Is not okay.
Being Sexist,
Is not okay.
How many times do we have to say?
If not over.
Is not finished.
The Pay Gap,
Is real.
Is alive.
Do we have to say it again?
America has to choose the President,
America has to fix its self,
America suffocated a Black man,
America shot a Black Woman,
America has the best Woman's Soccer Team,
So why aren't they paid more than the Men?
Why isn't the Women's World Cup called the World Cup?
Why is the Men's World Cup called the Word Cup?
Why was Hope Solo fired for losing her temper in front of the press,
When certain Male players have returned to their positions after killing people?!
Racism is not okay!
Sexism is not okay!
Being Racist is horrible!
Jul 01

Black Lives Matter Too

Jun 20

Lean On Me

If you need to cry,
I will lend you my shoulder,
You can tell me all of your hopes and fears,
I will tell you the stories that I have accumulated,
Over the past couple years.
If you need to rant,
Do so.
If you need to laugh,
Do so.
If your heart is broken,
And your mind is torn,
Lean on me.

Jun 20

When Flowers Die

When heads droop,
And petals fall,
It can seem like there is no tomorrow at all.

When stems wither,
And leaves blacken,
It can seem like the only plant left is bracken.

Just keep your head up,
And your eyes peeled,
The flowers will bloom again in the field.

And See You Soon,

Three seasons,
And again they will bloom,

I promise you.

Jun 19

Nothing Is Ever Just Black And White

Nothing is ever just Black and White.
When you cry,
Are your tears dry?
When you smile,
Are you hurting inside?
Are you,
Or Gay,
Or Lesbian?
Maybe something in between?
Is the Sky always Blue?
Is the Grass always Green?
Does it really matter,
As long as you know you've got your head on straight,
And you don't have a beak.
Just keep in mind,
Nothing is ever just Black and White.​