Jun 17

And Stay Out!

Holy Cow I hate the ants!
Sneaking into my room while I’m outside, 
Crawling on my bed when I’m asleep,
Infesting the Marshmellos,
Climing on the computer,
Scurrying up my leg! 
I am past over and done with all the ants,
All I want to say to them now is,
”And Stay Out!”
Jun 05
poem challenge: MLK's Message

Thanks To You

You changed the world, 
And it's still changing.
We learned to love each other,
No matter their skin color,
Thanks to you.
When hate seems unbeatable,
Love will still be undefeatable,
Thanks to you.
You gave us quotes to look upon,
To never forget your lessons,
You brought about,
A time of peace.
I look upon your words and say,
"I'm gonna be just like him someday."
Thanks to you.

Jun 02

Only Give Me An Answer If You Know

With the bombings and the wars,
Everyone's fear is on fire.
But now?
Right now?
C'mon guys,
It's like we didn't have enough on our plate.
I can't write my anger into words. 
What's the deal with all this hate?
Why can't this all wait until
Until we know what the heck happened!
I'm upset.
Why shouldn't I be?!
We don't need this right now.  
I'm tired of the only news being bad news,
Or COVID news.
I'm sick of hearing
"6 feet!" "Don't forget your mask!" "Get away!"
And yet, I say it too.
Constantly reminding myself and others,
Just when we've forgotten we're in the...
Who knows where we are in it. 
But just when we've forgotten that we are in a pandemic, 
I say those overused words.
But I have a question,
"If sneezes can go 6 feet, shouldn't we stay 7 feet out?" (Not that I want to)
When can I see my friends?

Jun 01

When you're fighting

May 25

What Is Real?

What is real?

Is Santa real?

...And No.
Is Love real?
...Well, Yes.
Why is money so important?
Our economy would be in tatters without it.
Why are you asking these things?
Why aren't you answering them?
You shouldn't care about this stuff yet!
But I do.
Kids these days!
Why are you looking at me like that?
Why should you care?
It's starting to creep me out!
Then don't look at me.
Don't do this again tomorrow night,
These aren't things that I want to answer at bedtime.
Okay. Goodnight. 

What is real?
May 18

Some Days

Some days,
My mind has built a castle,
Of smooth, shiny stone.
And I can lounge around,
Spend the day sitting on my throne.
Other days,
I'm poorer than a mouse,
My shack is made
Of damp, dirty cardboard 
And I can't stop working.
Some days,
I can't stop smiling,
Everything is perfect.
Other days,
I want to cry,
Nothing is going right.
Then there is the in-between,
Where you're doing alright,
And you couldn't care
May 16

The Rythm of Life

Can you hear,
The Rythm of life?
The song your shoes make,
Walking down the street.
Or the melody,
Of the sparrow's flight.
Flap, flap,
Flap, flap,
How about,
The life-saving pattern,
Of a little mouse.
Skitter, skitter
Skitter, skitter,
The most important to you,
The steady beat of your heart.
On and,
And on.
Can you feel,
The steady pulsing,
Beneath your feet?
The rhythm,
To which everybody dances.
All have
Different beats and
But the music's 
Quite the same.
Take out your earbuds,
Look up from your phone,
We are starting to forget,
That we aren't alone.
May 07

A Silent Spring

The trees were cold,
When all of this started.
And now, we've had at least 2 60 degree days,
And a 70 degree one.
Is it May already?
The buds are opening,
I saw a dandelion a week ago,
But where are my friends?
The parks are silent
Except for the steady hum of the bumblebee,
And the gentle flap of the Robin.
Nobody is splashing in the stream.
All I can seem to write about,
Is COVID-19.
It seems that this year,
We are going to have,
A Silent Spring.​
May 06

Twisted Logic

I am afraid of Fear.
The threat of being trapped in its icy grasp completely terrifies me.
Oh, how ironic.
Do not laugh,
This is not funny.
To be afraid of fear is to be clinging to success,
Which only I may have,
Because it is I, 
Who is afraid of fear.

I shall conquer the world,
Do not stand in my way.
In rain, or snow,
Our (my) armies will be victorious!
Together (alone) we (I) shall be the ruler of Earth!

For it is I,
Who is afraid of fear.
May 06

Perfecly Imperfect



No one is Perfect,
So don't try to be.
You'll just end up digging your hole deeper.

You seem nice,
Even though I haven't met you.
Trust me on this one;
Imperfect is beautiful.
Picasso was imperfect!
Van Gough was imperfect!
Frida Kahlo was imperfect!
Georgia O'Keeffe was imperfect!
We all love them!
Most important of all;
You are imperfect.
You are perfectly imperfect.