May 05

Clouds Are Made Of Water

Clouds are made of water,
If they are blocking the sun,
Become your own sun,
They'll evaporate,
And move along.

Storms only have so much rain,
If they are making your day gloomy,
Go inside and wait it out,
They'll run out of water,
And they'll move along.

Life isn't all bad,
If the pitcher of life is throwing curveballs,
Try to hit 'em anyway,
There isn't any consequence for trying,
And then it will be the next batter's turn.

Bad days can't last forever,
Until you make them stay. 
May 05

Let Me Fall

May 05

I Understand

I know what it's like when, 
The sky is ripping apart at the seams,
And the world is falling around you.
But you smile,
And walk through the day like nothing is wrong.
Because you know that they can't see anything wrong,
But it doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong.
I know what it's like when,
It's like no one understands you,
And they just seem to get annoyed.
But you just have to smile.
If you smile,
everything gets fixed, right?
If the world is falling,
And the sky is broken,
How will you survive?
If no one understands,
And they just get annoyed,
Who will stand by you?

 Find one who understands what it feels like.
Tell them.
Tell them that the sky is falling,
And you have nowhere to hide.
Tell them that no one understands,
And they don't want to.
Tell them that you are drowning,
And yet it is so dry.
May 05


Where my words are rough and unforgiving,
Yours bring light to the dark.
I know that you will understand what I mean,
Even if the words aren't very clean.
You've always been there for me,
On my darkest days,
And my brightest nights.
I can't stay mad at you.
It's utterly IMPOSSIBLE.
It really sucks that I can't write anything personal.
(I suck at it)
So a simple "Thank you" will have to do. 

May 05


Your poems are music to my ears,
You always seem to humble everybody around you.
You are so beautiful, brilliant, goofy,
I swear you'll make me cry one of these days, (in fact, you already have)
Where I stumble,
You seem to glide over.
I still can't believe,
That I used to despise you!
I can't say enough so that will have to do.
I have to thank you for lifting my spirits right now.
There isn't a great way to end this,
so a "see you soon!" will have to do. 
May 01

Rhyming With My Name (partly)

Inspired by EpicElle's Rhyming With My Name:

Molly doesn't want a Collie or a dolly,
She just wants to be jolly. At Christmas, she hangs bags of holly.
(JK She goes to sleep with dreams of a Santa trolley.)
Now I am running out of rhymes,
Ah, sad times.
So I'll lick my lolly and say,

May 01

Funnyness! (I think thats how you spell that?)

I think we need some humor, soooo I gathered up some funny words! hope you like!
1. Blasphemy
2. Gobsmacked
3. Cattywampus
4. Bumfuzzle
5. Gardyloo
6. Taradiddle
7. Billingsgate
8. Snickersnee
9. Widdershins
10. Collywobbles
11. Gubbins
12. Diphthong 
13. Ill-willie
14. Cantankerous
15. Conjubilant
16. Blunderbuss
17. Bumbershoot
18. Canoodle
19. Doozy
20! Nincompoop

And that's it for now! ;)>
May 01

Rise Up

Raise your hand.
Insert your own words into the conversation.
Stand up to authority figures.
Eclipse your shadow.

Unbind your tongue.
Present Peace as an argument.

Rise Up.
I know we can.   

May 01

Half or Whole?

You can eat half the cookie,
Not the whole.
You can have half of the jellybeans,
Not the whole bag.
You use half the tree,
Not the whole.
You use the whole bag of coal,
When half would've been good enough.
Half or 
Whole or 
You can please half the population,
Not the whole.
You support half the population,
Not the whole.
Or Half?
Or Whole?
It's time to decide because
A divided world,
Will not survive
May 01

One Truth