May 01

The Missing Humor.

People keep forgetting,
In sad times we need to keep our mind,
And Alive.
So laugh,
And laugh,
And die laughing.
Revive and continue laughing.
Humor digs deeper than the bones.
It lifts you up,
From your hair to your toes.
If you laugh,
 Usually, you won't regret it.
So keep on laughing,
And telling jokes.
I promise they'll be eggcellent yokes!
Humor keeps you alive,
With that in mind,
Go tell a joke! ​
Apr 30

The Mosquito Ballad.

Ah, Mosquito,
You are the bane of my existence.
You let me know,
When's summer's here,
By buzzing,
All around my ear.
And all of these bites,
You know I can't scratch them,
My arm,
My neck,
In my room,
On my deck.
Your shrill, whiney, buzzing sound,
Makes my eyes spin 'round and 'round.
Looking for the perpetrator,
Believe me,
I'm the top Mosquito hater.
And when I find your black-winged body,
I show no mercy.
Summer will be long gone,
By then time my last bites stop itching.
Mosquito, Mosquito,
I am not a fan of you-o.
Apr 30


In circles,
Though I am walking in a straight line.

Going to go crazy,
Of these days.

Stuck in my mind,
I can't seem to get in.

May be small,
But I can make a difference.

Have you,
Tried to sleep in a room
With a Mosquito? 


I'm in 5th grade,
So I can be just as whiney,
And just as annoying
When I want to be. 
Apr 30

Stuck in the Present

Talking to my friends,
For a few moments,
I can actually forget,
That your faces,
Are pixelated,
Moving images on my screen.
Where did everything go so wrong?
I shout,
Picking through the past.
I can't answer that now,
Because I am stuck in the present   
Apr 30

Hold On.

Skys are falling,
And the clouds above, 
Seem to want,
To block the sun.

Rain is falling, 
The moon is gone,
Listening to,
A sad song.

Is torn away,
Colors fading,
To a dull grey.

Rain is stopping,
Clouds of grey,
Slowly, Slowly,
Moving away.

Curve is lowered,
Stay inside,
To protect the ones,
Who have to hide.

Grass is growing,
Greener, greener,
Spring's just around,
The next corner.

Sun is shining,
We did our duty,
Stayed inside,
Spring's a beauty.
Apr 30


Apr 30

Aerin's Adventure first part of Chapter 2!

Apr 29

The Unanswerable Question

A single tree stands,
Where there once was thousands.
Millions of people stand,
Where there once was thousands.
We tear down the rainforests,
To make room for cattle farms.
But it's alright, right?
We love hamburgers and beef,
Without those cows,
What would we do?
So, we assure ourselves,
It's all for the greater good.
But temperatures are rising! 
No, they aren't! Global Warming isn't real!
But ice caps are melting!
No, they aren't! Stop being silly.
But sea levels are rising!
Why would they do that? It's just an extra-long high tide.
But species are going extinct! But Jellyfish populations are exploding!
But it's getting hotter every year! But there's more snow every winter!
But the proof is undeniable! There is overwhelming evidence!
​So fix it.
You are the ones who know what you are doing!
Apr 29

I Can't

"Ha Ha Ha!  Look at you! Look at your Nails! They're sooooo long!"
Their words cut deep,
But I don't say anything. 
I keep it inside, 
No need to retaliate right?
Every. day, 
How long can I keep doing this?
I guess I'll find out.
One day,
You do it again.
This time though,
I snap.
I start screaming, shouting.
Everything they've said,
Everything I've felt,
It comes out. It feels good. 
But they don't like it. (no surprise there)
So I swallow it.
try to control it.
I really do. 
But they don't understand.
They never have and never will.
I. Can't.

Apr 29

A Letter To Heaven

Dear Grandpa,
I am sorry that I never knew you when you were young.
You were a good I heard.
You never let your Polish heritage stop you.
I will admit, you scared me when I was younger.
I never really knew you,
I would visit you, say hello, have an awkward conversation,
Then leave, to go play with chalk.  
I feel selfish about that now.
I'm sorry that you had to be in pain,
At least you were sleeping when the angels came.
You served your country when they needed it,
For that, and many other things
You had a reserved spot in Heaven.
So this is the letter to say Goodbye
Because I can't see you right now.
Or ever.
Goodbye. You lived a full life.
Goodbye. You loved your sons.
Goodbye. You loved us.
Goodbye Grandpa.
With love,