Apr 28
poem challenge: COVID-School?

School After The Pandemic

The smell of disinfectant,
Still lingers in the hall.
I can barely see my teachers,
I can't recognize them at all.
They're all wearing white bodysuits,
To protect them I suppose.
But their feet are wrapped so thinly,
That I can see their toes.
Their gloves are more like casts,
It must be hard to hold a pencil.
Going to our desks,
It's not so hard to sit still.
If this is school permanently,
I'm not sure that I want to go to school after the quarantine. 

Apr 28

Sorry Isn't Enough

When you hurt me,
I say that it's fine.
I pretend that everything is okay,
Even though my world is breaking at the seams.
When will you ever learn,
That breaking my heart isn't a way to earn my trust? 
When will you ever learn,
That most times, 
Sorry isn't enough.
Apr 28
poem challenge: Belong

Town Of Content

Can you imagine a place,
Where everyone had a decent place to live?
People of different Races,
It seems too good to be true right?
It doesn't have to be.
Billionaires can spare a couple thousand bucks,
And we can build the houses. ​
Make them eco-friendly, and affordable,
And everybody will be happy,
You can't please everyone you meet,
But you can make their lives a little easier.
Apr 28
poem challenge: CJP-COVID19

And So I Do

Stay. they say.
But I can’t.
But you must, they say.

And so I do.

But I can’t keep strong, 
When so many are dying.
I can’t stay home, 
I’ve got to move.
I can’t stay sane,
I’m just a kid.
I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.
But you must, they say.

And so I do.

But it’s not easy.
I’ve grown tired of the walks,
I’ve grown tired of the games,
I’ve grown tired  of the books,
I’m tired of having to stay in one place.
But you must, they say.

And so I do.

But now I’m angry.
I’m angry at the people,
I’m angry at the labs,
I’m angry at the president,