Sep 10


I've been getting better at drawing, and I recently drew this elephant for my friend!
At the moment, it's the drawing I'm most proud of!
The shading isn't the best since I self-taught myself.
digital drawing

Jun 01


May 28

Bitter before sweet

You have to have the bitter,
before the sweet.
You have to have the rain,
before the rainbow.
You have to have winter,
before summer.
And without the bitter, the rain, the winter,
nothing would be as tasty, beautiful, warm.
We get used to the bad,
Only so we can experience
the good,
May 20

just please talk to me

I'm staring at my Chromebook,
a solemn expression on my face...
Please somebody,
be on!
there is no green dot next to
anyone's icon.
My heart skips a beat
as I see a green light flash
But it's only someone
I haven't talked to since April
and our conversations are always
I try to type something in...
but I decide not,
and wait for someone
even more.
Only one green light
and I ache to talk
talk with anyone,
I miss my friends so much
and I ache to hear their voices again
I ache to see their smiles again
but no.
No green lights except one...
I turn to YWP,
to see if my friends are on there
and one is.
Please! I think
Talk to me!
On tiny writes, on hangouts, through an email,
I don't care which way...
just please talk to me.

May 20

One gray line after another

One gray line
after another.
It doesn't look like much now,
but I keep drawing
One gray line 
after another.
I curve the lines,
loop-the-loop them.
I flick my pencil
I erase 
and erase.
One gray line 
after another.
I'm finished,
but I'm only getting started,
This is not just a drawing
it's a story
ideas filling up my mind,
then I go to write,
one word
after another...
May 20

Ice cream dresses!

May 20

Young love

May 20
poem challenge: Go

Go to a place

I just want to go to a place
where there is none of this 
I just want to go to a place
where you can hug and high-five and fist-bump.
I just want to go back in time
when the only thing we had to worry about
was a friend fight or two.
I just want to go back in time
when if we heard 6 feet,
we would just think '6 feet'.
I want to go to a place
where if you turned on the news
you wouldn't hear the words

I just want to go back in time,
tell our governor to not let anyone in or out
of Vermont, 
just back in Februrary.
I just want to go
May 19

Summer is

For me,
Summer is
talking with friends while eating drippy popsicles
summer is 
Snorting pool water up your nose
summer is 
taking a trip to New York to see my cousins
summer is
going to the school to see the fireworks show
summer is
counting down the days until school starts again
summer is
laughing with your friends,
So I guess,
I'm not having summer
this year.

May 18

The glass is half empty, but it's also half full

It's sunny outside! 
listen to the birds chirp!
Yay! It's more than 60 degrees!

The bugs are out,
and there is still a wind-chill.

When we're in lockdown, 
I can try so many new things!

Lockdown life
is so 

I talk to my friends,
through a screen,
but who cares? 
I can still see their smiles!

They say it's the same,
but it's really not.
Pixelated faces are different
than real ones.

Life would be boring 
if there weren't unexpected turns,
don't you agree?

Life IS boring,
even with those 
unpredicted twists.

Oh would you look at that?
They've got something really cool! 
I'm so happy for them.

look at them
They've got another gadget
I could never afford.

Cheer up a little!
Live life to it's fullest!