Sep 23

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Sep 01

The Little Sailboat

When the wind blew through her red hair
and danced before her eyes
while she was standing at the edge of the cliff
watching her father's sailboat.
That was when she knew
the screeching seagulls
and salty spray
were all part of her.
The crew
and the wooden docks
rotting away on the rocky shores.
Where the sand met the water
that was where she could sit.
And feel the ocean
reaching for her
She felt welcome 
at the loading docks
with crab traps.
She knew one day,
she would own a 
tiny sailboat 
like her father.
But she also knew she would be free.

Aug 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Sunset

A Painter's Eye

Where the colors clashed at the bottom of the sky
Where the mountains began
And the waters subside 
Bumblebee yellow drips by,
Periwinkle clouds
Whose puffs call out 
To the open night.
Crimson red in the corner,
Honey orange frames 
The sides.
What will come next,
In this everchanging
painters eye. 
Aug 13

To Meditate

When I meditate 
and my breath 
goes in and out
in and 
in and 

I feel myself collapse and then
go rigid and then collapse again
The waves underneath me 
create a rythm 
My hands placed upon my
open to the sky. 
Almost pulling the clouds into myself.
the moss creep up my toes 
and the sparrows nest on my shoulders.
I meditate until I am nothing,
and that is when I am everything
and then I am back on
my rug with a new song
playing and my hands are pausing
the music, and the waves 
are gone.
A gift of nature. 
A thank to life.
To Meditate. 
Aug 12


Aug 11