Dec 05

Christmas Scene

Dec 05

Ice Lights

Nov 20

See Through Time

Lapping waves, 
pull at my skin.
Clear water.
Immortal, untouchable.
I can feel my hand crossing 
through the fog. 
Another Jellyfish.
Always there.
Immortal, untouchable. 
Can a metaphor take away time,
throw it away,
like a used napkin.
Grab my wrist,
before your grasp isn't being hoped for,
any longer.
I will wash away,
down the river.
Splashes and droplets,
you'll be unable to catch.


Nov 09

School Project

Nov 05

Kindness Is A Blazing Flame

smooth dandelion petals
a perfect yellow egg yolk
the smile of the moon
a lilac sky
a laugh like a lullaby
with soft dimples and freckles

burnt down to nothing but ashes.
raw and undercooked.
wiped off with alcohol that burns. 
sunny days can easily turn into hurricanes. 
devilish and mocking.
and a sharp look full of chipped glass. 

don't ever think just because someone is kind
they won't stand up for what they believe
we are who we are because of you.
we could never taste an insult sliding off our tongue.
we could never smirk at a fat tear.
we will stand up for what we believe. 
and that is when you will see us transform into something not so happy.
not so kind.
we are fierce and yet,
we are kind. 

Oct 28

I Pray For Tomorrow

Tomorrow I Hope,
that we will have solved global warming.
Tomorrow I Hope,
we will have chosen the right president.
Tomorrow I Hope,
we will have realized we are all equal.
Tomorrow I Hope,
we will stop world hunger.
Tomorrow I Hope,
everyone feels loved.
Tomorrow I Hope,
you will be kind.
i will be kind.
Tomorrow I Will Hope,
Today I Will Hope,
that Tomorrow will be a good day.

Oct 23


I'm at the bottom of the lake now, 
I'm trapped. 
help me.
Help me before I drown under the pressure.

I can't throw your football,
I can't juggle that soccer ball.
I can't play a high note on the clarinet. 
But I can create,
let me recreate my choices.

Get me out of this lake of regret,
I don't want to focus on the past
but why did I jump in?

I'm done swimming,
please let me stop struggling.
Let me sketch in the mud. 

Let me braid your hair,
and finger paint on your cheek.

Can I call you under this water?
Or does the connection not reach underneath the murky surface.

I can't see it.
I can't hear it. 
Oh, let me taste pride.

Let me out.
Let me out of the lake of regret. 

Oct 19

Dia de los muertos

I place the marigolds on the altar and pick up my camera. I take a picture of the beautiful arrangement of fresh produce from the market and the rusted trumpet. When I study the picture I feel you are there telling me the lighting is off just a bit, so I pull down my orange curtains and snap another photo.

"Perfect, papa."
Oct 14

Therapy Bread

Sometimes, when you look in the mirror
and tell yourself your beautiful with your baggy jeans,
and white t-shirt with an ice cream cone on the pocket.

You notice the chipped nail polish and the seashell soap,
maybe the girl walking by has a ponytail that isn't so frizzy.

If that happens you need to come back,
come back here where the woman with soft hands needs the dough,
she makes rolls. 
You can fill them with butter,

And when you don't feel so beautiful anymore,
with the spring flowers challenging your flowing dress,
come back with me,
and we can snack on the french rolls and the loaves of bread with crusts filled with tiny nuts and berries.
The oats can dance with us,
now look in the mirror,
You Are Perfect
Just As You Are.