Jan 08
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“Home is where the heart is.” I’ve been told this more times than I can count, but what does it mean? Sure, where I live is my home. I sleep here, eat here, I do everything here. But my heart lies somewhere else. It lies in the beaches off the east coast, in the tallest building in the biggest city, and within the mossy forests. I find my home to be all over the world. Whether it be within my imagination or somewhere that’s walking distance from me, it is where my heart lies. Maybe someday my heart will find the one place that I will truly call home, but as for now, home for me is everywhere, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 
Oct 23
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Sweater Weather

The hot days of summer have ended.

The leaves have changed their colors,

The air is cooler,

And the animals have gone away in preparation for winter. 

The reds and golds of autumn have come,

And I never want them to go away.
The pumpkin patches are full to the brim.

Everyone is excited for that one night of the year.

The costumes, the candy, the weather!

Everyone is excited to spend this holiday together. 
As much as I love this great sweater weather,

All good things must come to an end. 

Jack Frost will soon come,

To remind us of that one snowy season,

That winter may be just around the corner.
Although fall will soon come to an end, 

We can still reminisce with our friends. 

Maybe over a turkey dinner, 

With all our loved ones to enjoy. 

Oh, fall, how good you’ve been.
May 08
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The Wave

Their feared upon,

They don’t fear anything.

Except themselves.

Although big and mighty like the biggest wave,

Deep down they are small and worthless.

Although radiate a confident stride, 

They shrink after a while. 

They put up a picture to hide their true colors,

Only after dying down do they show those hidden colors. 

They are confident and brave,

But show deeper personality on the inside. 

One that not many can see,

But everyone knows about it.