Nov 10
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Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish people would just insult me, flat-out. 
Not tiptoeing around their comments and weaving them
into looks and gestures

Sometimes I wish I could scream, 
“Just tell me you don’t like me” 
Instead of nodding my head and smiling
as they compliment every single other person in the room
Except for me

Sometimes I wish they could say this mean thing straight to my face instead of twisting it
into a nice-seeming comment that is rooted in displeasure

Sometimes I wish I had the courage to ask, “Would you like me to leave you alone or would you rather we continue pretending
to be each other’s friends?”

Sometimes I wish life was that simple.
Sep 28
poem challenge: Taste
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Eating ice cream out of the container in the early morning

You wake up early on Saturday, the windows dark like your father’s coffee. It tastes bitter but exciting, like sour candy with a hint of sweetness in the back of your mouth.

You stumble into the living room, the brightness of the TV blinding like the first taste of food in the morning when your mouth waters with the shock of flavor. Your brother is already awake and watching cartoons, his excitement tropical like papaya and mango.

You slip into the kitchen, realizing your parents are still asleep. It tastes sly like cold spaghetti and mischievous like licorice jelly beans.

You open the freezer, a blast of cold air hitting you like a maraschino cherry, sweet and devious. You spot the ice cream, neapolitan, and reach for it, excitement growing stronger and tasting like too-sweet birthday cake, a little bit wrong.
Jun 01
poem challenge: Nice
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that quiet girl

She doesn’t hold the door for everyone
It makes her nervous
She won’t compliment strangers
It gives her too much anxiety
And she won’t offer over and over to clean up
Because she hates making a scene
But once you get to know her
You’ll know that she has too much empathy for her own good
And if you stick around long enough 
For her to consider you a friend
You won’t ever regret it 
Because she’s the most loyal person you’ll ever meet
She'll be your friend beyond forever
If that isn't nice, I don't know what is
Nov 10
poem challenge: Grateful
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Forever Friends

By your side through thick and thin
Helping you through your struggles
You can finally be yourself around them
Best friends are such a blessing

They’ll let you talk the most
When you normally talk the least
They’ll compliment you every day 
When nothing’s even changed

You’re always welcome with them
When you’re not welcome anywhere else
You could talk and talk for hours 
If life didn’t get in the way

You know what they’re saying with just one glance
They know how you feel by the way you stand
And words can’t express your gratitude
That they’re sharing this part of their life with you
Oct 15
poem challenge: Winter Tales 2020
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A snowy morning walk

I step outside and into the winter dawn
A crisp, icy breeze washes over me

Snowflakes dance in the air like tiny ballerinas
And pirouette softly to the ground 

The snow whispers under my feet
As I walk into the serene forest

Bundles of snow fall from tree branches
And land softly on the ground

Birds twitter faintly in the trees
As I slowly find my way to a clearing 

Pine needles litter a snowy canvas
Like tiny brushstrokes on paper

It is quiet and peaceful here
I am finally home