Jan 11

Reina's Trouble-Free Day

Reina was always very clumsy, forgetful, and ditsy. If she was walking on the smoothest marble floor in the world, she would fall and hurt her knee. If she tied her shoelaces her laces would come undone in a matter of seconds. While playing sports that required a ball, there was a 9/10 chance she would be hit right in the head from her own shot.

Reina could study for hours and hours on end but she would still get more than half of the answers on a test/quiz incorrect. She would wake up bright and early to get ready for school, only to be distracted by her favorite T.V. show in the morning. Nothing ever seemed to work for her.

However, Reina didn't care. In fact, she was perfectly at peace with it. Her classmates would tease her about it, but she knew they meant no harm. Besides, it made her pretty popular within her class.
Oct 23

Seasonal - Leaf Pile Making

My fingers fumbled with the laces of my sneakers, quickly trying to tie them together. After the two were together, I got up and put on my favorite dark blue sweatshirt and opened the door to my front lawn.

Even though it was only the first week of October leaves upon leaves were on the ground, covering most of the grass and parts of the driveway. I walked over to where my younger brother was, passing our dad who was on his phone most likely reading the New York Times. The seven-year-old boy was leaving our small red shed and brought with him two rakes; one for him and one for me. After closing the door, he turned to me and handed me the plastic red rake, keeping the yellow one to himself. "Thanks, Toby," I said. He nodded and said, "Yup," and then we both went to work.

My younger brother was not usually this passionate about anything that requires manual labor. However, when it comes to leaf piles in the fall, he can never resist.
May 01
fiction 3 comments challenge: Ocean


    I swim farther and farther. I had never been this far away from the shore. All of the families on the beach seemed so small and distant. My small thin legs work their way to keep me afloat. I feel so grown up swimming this deep. All of my friends are closer to the shore, floating on their boogie boards and their large tubes. 

My thoughts are interrupted by a semi-large wave sending my body back a bit. I gasp. A little bit of salty ocean water gets into my mouth. Not knowing what else to do, I swallow it. Not wanting to go back to my friends, I continue my swimming adventure. 

Deeper and deeper I go. Colder and colder it gets.