Aug 06


Aug 05


On days when the thought of
being a ceiling to the world for any longer feels
the sky cries.

On days when the clouds have hidden who
she thought she was and she
wonders if she was ever the
perfect blue everyone wanted her to be,
the sky cries.

On days when nothing goes right and
everyone is too far away to listen and
she feels too heavy with sorrow,
the sky cries, and she crys so hard
so much
because some days,
sunshine doesn't come easily
and she wants to give up, but
she isn't allowed to so
she cries and cries and
cries like a fallen child with a scraped knee.
She cries.

But unlike the scraped knee,
no one cares.
Her tears are an
inconvenience, and it's her fault that
field day was cancelled,
that the lights won't turn on
that their favorite shirt is wet.
Her tears are unlucky,
Jul 31
fiction challenge: Scorcher

Heat, and a girl in a tree

It was the hottest day there had been for a while. There was nothing to do and it seemed like the world had gotten stuck on something that made it rub against itself before finally slowing to a stop. When you thought about it, maybe the world really needed a break, a way to reset itself from the tireless work it did for years and years and years. But if you didn't think about it, it was just plain hot, too hot for pondering the world or really doing anything. Just hot.

I sighed and tugged on Cornflake's leash. Why I was out here, I didn't know. I wondered if there was a way I could've been a completely different person five minutes ago when I decided to leave my air-conditioned house and go for a walk. Maybe I was tired of scrolling on my laptop, or maybe just of Cornflake's persistent whining. Maybe I was feeling adventurous, but the feeling didn't last for thirty seconds once I left the house and the humid air wrapped tightly around me.

Jul 14

Hanging flowers

Jul 13


Sometimes at night
as I lie in bed with
my head overflowing with
feelings and happenings and songs that
have made their way to replaying over and over in
my brain,
I turn my attention right side out and back to the real world

I peek out of the shade-free strip of window where I
can't close it because of the tiny plant I forget
to water

the darkness glows with
the backyard light that
someone flicked on so they could
see the dog running around, full of energy,
as I lie in the darkness and wait for sleep to find me

I know that somewhere
a staircase and
a few rooms away
someone who loves me exists.

I wish we all had that.
A little light, a little nudge to
whisper in our ears that
however dark the world may be,
someone who cares is there.

I wish no one had to
stumble in the darkness of a tunnel that
Jun 26

Three moments in time

She sits beneath the tree, fingers gently
strumming a guitar, trying to let her emotions
out from where they're tied up in her heart,
trying to make sense of them
through music. She
plays only for herself, because no one's around to hear, but that's okay.
She doesn't need anybody else.

He slides into an empty seat at
the back of the bus, backpack up next to him,
protecting him from having to see one more person today,
hunched over his phone, looking at
text messages that pull tears up from deep down inside him and
into his eyes, but he's okay.
He doesn't need anybody else.

They run through the forest
purple sneakers pounding out the rhythm of anger,
running away from where they are vulnerable,
to a place where they're all alone.
A place where no one can hurt them, and
no one can comfort them, either, but it's okay.
They don't need anybody else.

But then
Jun 24
fiction challenge: Elves

Following You

They say this is where the elves live, you whispered in my ear. I swallowed, because you were stepping off the path and we weren’t supposed to, but the forest had always known you like a friend, so as you led me deeper into the woods, I wasn’t afraid.

I wanted to ask you what we were doing, wanted to know answers, wanted to understand, but you were too fast-paced on your slender legs for me to slow you down with questions, and I trusted you anyway, so I kept quiet.

You didn’t know where you were going, but it was as though you’d been there before, by the way you didn’t hesitate as you walked over plants and roots and dead leaves in bare feet with a look of determination on your face.
Jun 17

Why does it take a law?

thank you
because now, maybe, we're a step closer to
living in a world
where everyone is accepted
and no one doubts whether they should be
where justice is everywhere
and discrimination isn't a thing
where being who you are isn't risky
and hiding yourself isn't safe
where the world is full of love, love, love
and there is no room for hate
thank you

but wait, before
you go,
how come
I don't understand that

it takes a law
to do all this
we need discrimination to be illegal
to banish it
why can't we just
live in a world where
everyone knows it's okay
everyone can accept you
you can be yourself
your full self
and no one but yourself
without hate lurking, ready to spring the moment
you come out of hiding?
why do we need
to be told to be accepting, to love?
why can't we just
Jun 15
poem challenge: Pledge

Why can't we see?

Liberty and justice for all.
Okay, so those words
fit perfectly on our tongues,
memorized, recited while
gazing at the flag of the country that
was supposed to be
the land of the free.
Those words, a reassurance. A promise. A pledge.
A guarantee that in this country, the world is right. With liberty. With justice.

But words mean nothing.

I write and
I try to give meaning to my words, but
how can words do anything
when everyone insists they're true?
Words don't magically become reality.
If those words were written
more than a century ago,
can't we see yet
that we are not done?

Why can't we
that justice doesn't exist
unless we make it?

Why can't we
that words mean nothing if
we don't give them truth?

Why can't we know