May 04

Rain and Sun, Sun and Rain

This is where things are crazy.
Where the sun meets the rain.
Where the light meets the dark.
Where the heat meets the cool.
Where impossible things happen because, really,
if the sun can shine in the rain,
if the rain can fall in the sun
at the end of the day,
does impossible really mean anything?

This is not where they clash.
Not where the sun and the rain get
into a fight, not where
the sun keeps shining to annoy the rain, not where
the rain keeps raining just to
get on the sun's nerves.

No, this is where they combine:
rain and sun, sun and rain
they are each other,
because at the end of the day,
what's the difference?
At the end of the day, they aren't opposites,
not crazy at all,
just the rain and the sun, the sun and the rain,
just like they always were.
May 03

Soon, a storm

May 03
poem challenge: CJP-COVID19

Do the Stars Know?

Do the stars know
that on a planet
millions, billions, trillions of
miles away,
our lives are defined by the
distance of 6 feet?

Do the stars know--
the stars we
see as tiny, yet they're
huger than we ever could imagine--
that on this faraway planet, a
miniscule crown-shaped virus has
become the enormous concept that now has
taken over the lives of
every single one of us?
Do they know of
the lockdowns
the tests,
the worry,
the stress,
the lives at risk and
the ones already taken?
How our "normal" has
been torn into pieces and
no one knows exactly
what our future holds?

Do the stars know, with
their wisdom of years, years, years, of
shining down on us,
what we're
supposed to do?
Because, stars, none of us really do know, and
maybe we're only a speck or
maybe we're invisible to you but