Dec 27
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Predicting and or Knowing the Future

Years ago, my friend Ethan told me that sometimes he had dreams where the events that happened in his dream actually happened in real life. I thought he was exaggerating the truth as most third-graders do until it happened to me. I don’t remember exactly what I dreamed about, but I do know that when I heard a certain sentence my dad said to me I realized that I had heard it before. Where I had heard it was beyond my 3rd grade brain, but all that I knew was that I had heard those exact words before and it was said in the exact same way. Years passed before it happened again; this time I recognized it from a dream that I had had over a month prior. It’s happened other times than just those two examples; each time it never ceases to amaze me that sometimes parts of my dreams come true. 
Oct 24
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The View

The view from many mountains in Vermont are always ones to remember. The sea of rolling hills and green trees, the little splotches of houses here and there way off in the distance. The occasional lake with its water shimmering millions of tiny lights back at the sky. The clouds fluffy and small, giving way to the brilliant blue sky, like something out of a painting from Bob Ross himself. This sounds like an almost perfect summer day, except for the fact that it was probably a little too hot or warm, and the trees were really just one color: green. Sure the trees were in different shades of green, but from way up on a mountain, it seems as if all the greens are the same. That is why that same view in the fall seems so much more brilliant. The cool crisp air with the light breeze that makes it a little "too cold" as we are unprepared for winter and still in our summer atire.
May 04
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YWP #2

YWP #2: Disaster Poem

The Bullied

From the ashes and pain that they feel

There is little hope around them 

All has been lost

It seems that nothing good will come out of this

What was it for


A lifetime of hate, doubts, and fear

All expressed so suddenly

This one-act can last a lifetime of suffering and confusion

A world where they no longer feel safe

Where they express these actions to other people just because it happened to them

This is what can happen when people get bullied