Oct 09
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What’s the easiest happiness?
A piece of cheesecake,
A box of chocolates,
A packet of fruit candy,
Or a bowl of sweet jelly. 

It’s the moment that something virtually melt on the tongue,
But not feel greasy when it goes through the throat.
The fairy in the white cream is casting magic,
on the teeth or on the taste buds.
I smell its unique fragrance,  
Which spreads into the nose, mouth, and the brain, 
Just makes people to feel its sweet,
And tells us,
To breathe in,
and then breathe out.
Cause in the end,
everything will all work out.

Oct 02
essay 1 comment challenge: Maze
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Countless Corners

    I’ve been exposed, controlled, and owned by this incredible maze since I was born. Although I go forward every day, whether walking or runing, slow or fast, I have never seen the exit, and I don’t remember what the entrance looks like, but I pass countless corners. Some corners are right-angled, some of them are smooth. Some corners are bright-colored, some of them are black like the darkest night. Usually, I find a treasure box after every corner. Maybe it contains a comedy, or a tragedy, or a magic that can let me feel what is happiness and support me when I’m exhausted. 
Sep 20
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Welcome back!

For being healthy and bringing hope.
For being patient and respecting rules.
For being positive and trusting the school.
We had gotten tired of the coming here,
But we are now ecstatic to have the opportunity to be there.

Instead of the remote learning, 
We can physically step into the classroom.
A beam of light sweep over us by the window from morning to noon,
My friends say they will get back soon.

Six feet, Six feet.
We stay apart but we are close in heart.
Masks, Masks.
Our own safety has been worn,
So nobody is lorn.

Hey guys,
This is TA.
Pay attention to your health. 
And have a nice year! 

Sep 18
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We don’t like wearing this kind of rules,
Which makes us seem like fools,
But nobody wants to lose.

People hate it from the beginning to the end,
Life compels us from birth to death.

Feeling of being locked up.
Feeling of being covered up.
Feeling or being shut up.
The yearning of being free is coming out,
Even if the enemy spreads among the masses, people lose control of going out. 

Feeling of being concentrated on.
Feeling of being protected on.
Feeling on being insisted on.
The confusion of what’s true and fault,
And the countless flurried eyes are looking for a result.

A billion souls stand on the same line,
And a million brains work at the same time.
As the swanson changes from spring to summer,
The streets get empty and no visitors.

The masks hide the scare,
Because hope is so rare.