Jul 13
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Silent Song

The sweet memories of graphite
slicing the pages'
brown paper.
Joints moving slowly across, 
forming images.
A silent music;
pure of talent.
My young self took treasure for granted.
Knowing it wouldn't last; 
didn't imagine it would slip away so soon.
A silent music broken into 
clouded was a monster 
wrapping itself around 
your miraculous mind.
Hate clouded your vision,
slowly forgetting you were the bearer
of beautiful silent talent.
Pieces of you detached themselves 
as we scrambled to fit them back.
Young ones were distant. Scared of the cloud over your
true being. 
Your absence left a stain of grief;
a stain that could never be lifted.
The silent music ceased. 
Salty tears, grief, was all we knew.
Until I saw you.
You were sitting inside a tree trunk,
your roots sunk deep into the earth you loved.
Jul 12
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Images light up my vision.
I'm simply there.
Nothing altered by my presence
Just the words forming sentences
and sentences into reality.
in a world that isn't my own.
Pain of my own realm gone.
This beautiful world takes me.
A warm embrace;
No friends there, but here trust and comradeship are rich and plentiful.
No need for time travel.
I am a thousand miles away
without leaving my room.
Love better than candy;
Life better than ours.
Nothing matters;
Everything's here
Gold couldn't replace these words' strong reality.
Pictures painted
across my thoughts
for me alone.
And then it disappears; 
my world bleeding back into view.
The taste of words still sweet on my tongue.
Worlds that teach me more than anyone ever could.
The reminders words form in the back of my mind
reminder, torturous, reminder.
"Just words on paper"
Jun 18
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Lost opportunities

I tried to fit the pieces
together, but my introverted self
ended up pushing them
farther apart. I wanted to
spark something, 
light something on fire,
watch it burn deep inside as 
the smoke and ashes prick
my frigid cold arms.

I wanted to watch the fireworks
light up and burst
with prickling excitement
as my fingers laced through yours.

I turned my opportunity into water,
there but just out of reach,
slipping right through my fumbling fingers.

My heart beat so hard against my chest
it broke
and I let it.
I threw gasoline on it 
and watched the sparks ignite.

Letting my opportunity
lose itself to the flames.

The flames are all around me,
surrounding me, 
but yet I'm not burning.
I'm under water,
lost in what I can't touch.

My opportunity gone with the tide;

an idea turned to rust.