Jan 25
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cheese ball in the sky

In the winter the moon doesn't look like cheese
in winter the moon looks like a whitened, polished tooth floating in the sky, 
out of place like a moose in a pigsty, 
so, no, child
I have no idea why 
all the authors compare the moon to a ball of swiss cheese in the wintertime,
we can only hope that this year they'll figure that out on their own

Dec 23
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heavy flyer

she was singing, this girl, as the wind played her hair like a piano, rushing around, whipping it every which way, blowing stray pieces away to the ground where all the unlucky worms were found, pecked at and nibbled by the almighty bird population, who, after getting their fill, flew back into the sky where they, too, were blown about like wind to hair, but these birds could not simply blow away, to be discarded like dried-up old clay. no, they have to stay, because the birds who flew behind them, in their bird-like designated design, depend on them to shelter them from the storms ahead. 
Dec 23
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temporarily forever

Though I'm only sixteen,
I feel sixty,
I feel as if I've been through wars,
I feel as if I'd slept through the depression, only to wake to find that I'm the President.
I feel as though it was only last thursday that I sailed to America with my great-grandmother.
I feel as if I was once stationed in the Galápagos islands in awe of the animals around me. 
I feel as though,
I've watched the world come and go, 
I feel as though I am endless, it's so tiring, but nobody knows.

Dec 13
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the trees smothered in fog, clumped into a forest remind me to breathe, 
because I'm surrounded by the splatter painting of mountains,
and the insignificant brush strokes of road winding in every direction - connecting apples to their trees when they've landed a bit too far from home.
Jul 27
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in my head

When I was young, I hid

From the monsters living under my bed.

I don’t feel alone, though

When everyone was younger, I’m sure

They hid

But as I grew older, and the floors were no longer lava,

College for superheroes not longer existed,

And chocolate cake no longer solved all my problems.

(in fact, that was a nightmare all in itself)

I came to realize,

It was all in my head, 

There were no monsters living under my bed.


That meant, 

The monsters were always,

 in my own head.

Mar 23
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a yellowy color
with undertones of brown 
and consistency like butter
soft and soothing like a bike ride in the summer
it's a bummer 
that beige is such a boring color.
Jun 11
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When the government finally addresses white privelage without dissmissing it
when white people understand that they have to be comfortable being uncomfortable
when the president calls off the military against the country's own citizens
when a black woman can sleep in her home without being shot and killed
when a black man can go for a jog and not be shot and killed

when cops listen when a black man says "I can't breathe!"
when instead of 'bad apples" people realize the system has been long corrupted
when the color of your skin doesn't decide whether you live or die

someone says 
what did you do to help?
what will you say.

Jun 11
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How would you feel

May 29
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