Nov 30


My breath catches in my throat as I watch them plummet to the floor shattering to pieces. A ragged sob escapes my lips as the faces become unrecognizable, the frames split, and water seeps through the photographs from the dripping, rusty pipes lining the concrete walls. The guard laughs and kicks the door to my cell with her steel-toed boot, rattling it on it’s hinges. I slide down the wall to the floor, no longer caring about the cold dampness that meets me there, having grown accustomed to it over the months. I drag my fingers across the floor feeling the sharpness of the glass and the splintered wood of the frames, not daring to look at the pictures, ruined for sure. I sigh into the cold night air, steam puffing up like a runaway train through the high barred cell window. 

Nov 25

The Muffin

Nov 11

Bubble Me

Slipping, squeaking, like a small mouse I run, no gravity to pull me down. The sides give under my hands and feet, the air perfectly balanced inside, so unlike me. The shining glare of the sun on its glassy rubberlike walls burns my eyes. I shout to them below me, they only stare, eyes wide, lips moving silently, like we're all stuck in an old fashioned movie without sound. I groan as my foot slips out from under me again and I fall against the squishy wetness of my bubble. I try to stand, slimed once again, but eventually give up and sit cross legged staring at them getting smaller underneath me. I cry out when suddenly I look up and out of nowhere a humongous tack spears my floating orb. POP! I wake up.
Nov 11

Make Me Believe

Where has all hope gone?
The one source of energy 
to our sorry world.

Make me believe
there is still reason to be
waiting for better days.

When will I know
the world really does
spin on its axis?

People going 
through the motions
like its no big deal.

Gravity giving up its
hold on our lives,
leaving us to float into-

-the cosmos.
Nov 09


The whirls of motion
rising through the air
panic following.

Screams swallowed 
by the billowing wind
that echos against cliffs.

Wild and scarred faces
all around me
searching for new life.​

Rain spatters against 
the creaky wooden deck, slipping up 
sleepy, panic-eyed passengers.

Fevers of hope
crawl through the minds 
of weary weather-beaten sailors.

Ships to be abandoned
for the precious metal
that lay made up their lives.

The only gold to be seen though
took up every inch of space in their
desperate minds.
Nov 06

Yellow Clay (Finished)

     My hands find grip against the rough piney bark, sap sticking my fingers together as I reach up pulling myself into it's limbs. My wrist blinks and throbs with pain as I climb onto the nearest bow and breathe the forest air. I crouch on the branch resting my chin on my knees, the softest light of dawn meeting me, orange and pink spreading into the navy sky. I feel warmth exploring the farthest reaches of my body. My eyes drop back to the forest floor, pine needles basking in the morning sun. Then my gaze falls on a family of squirels racing each other along the branches of the next tree over, bushy tails flicking as they chatter madly at one another, toting with them acorns that push their cheeks to the limits.
Oct 26

Yellow Clay (Continued)

     My feet pound into the frozen ground as I  dash to the icy blue waters. In one sudden leap I thrust myself back into its bone chilling depths. The fire zipping through my veins pulls my lips to the surface to gulp for air. I dive under reaching for a purchase on the sandy ground and grasp at a jagged boulder that pierces above the wild and chaotic river. Then using the rock as leverage, I push under the rapids and peer into the murky darkness, searching for a blazing flare.
     I nearly gasp, letting out precious air as I glimpse I shocking electric blue light seeping out from under a thick layer of sand. I set to scraping the sand away, fingers bleeding, until finally the light is in full view, pulsing slightly. I press my bloody wrist to its smooth surface and breath deeply pulling water into my lungs through my nose. In a flash my body is sucked through the light.
Oct 25

Yellow Clay

   Hot water steams from my mug, color swirling away from the tea bag. Smells drift to me on thick, warm air. My hands press against the yellow clay mug, warming up from the bite of winter chill that spikes my fingers and nose, eyes watering. Icy cold drips down my back freezing to my clothes crusting frost on my black t-shirt and leggings. Feet meerly two blocks, in frozen unison. The fire whips in the night wind sending red sparks flying as I close my eyes to the world, willing my body to give in too. But it won't, I know. I'm not done here. 
Oct 18


Crisp air sifts through
the strands of my hair.

Dying leaves swirl
at my feet, lifting to the sky.

Smells of yellowed
trees fill me.

Sun peircing through
the canopy above me.

Autumn, a time of chill, 
fills me with so much warmth.
Aug 10


His small nose, mouth agape
wishing and waiting for more treats
black and white spotted body
small cloven feet. Mini-goat.

Her soft milk white nose 
highlighted with black nostrils
followed with a deep chocolate brown face
sweet honey-filled eyes. Mini-donkey.

His small rounded ears
even rounder belly, 
soft dark bay color
dark prying eyes. Mini-horse. 

His long legs, grey skin with white fur
smattered with small red "fleabites"
beautiful face, full of rich intelligence 
big bright loving, longing eyes. Horse.

Curious furred friends.