Jun 11
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This Crumbling World

This Crumbling World
Every night I hear on the news
About how our world is crumbling
People die every day
But not like this
Now, just to add to the pile
Of our many problems
That have been swept into the corner
Our supposed to be best’s 
The people that rid our streets of trouble
And provide justice to those who grieve
Are taking lives themselves 
On top of our world crumbling
Anger bubbles over 
Just to push the mess over the edge a little farther
Night after night
Anger comes out
Tearing apart our world by its already wrinkled edges
When morning comes to reveal to us
The damage from the night
Souls come out
Clean but bruised souls
That have taken a hit
But stood back up
These souls take punch after punch
 So anger can have its way
With our many creations and accomplishments