Jun 13
poem challenge: Freedom
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solitary promenade

Riches of generosity
Grew stale in the wraith of spite
Iron bars now chafe my scalp
Unchain me from dependency

Warm and humid gold evenings
Spun to char in the breeze
Your bitterness clenching my fist
Unchain me from dependency

I lay suspended in the dark
Grasping angrily at broken glass
Shattered expectations scattered in the sand
Unchain me from dependency

Scraps of your hurricane clatter in waves
With these bars I compose my ode to sorrow 
With these bars I bid an out of tune farewell
And brace myself to turn the key

Eyelash on my cheek but I refuse a wish
Fingertips moving eloquently in the figure of dawn
Tremble with poise
And brace myself to turn the key

Love letters burn at daybreak
Tears evaporate from an arid mind
Dried manner- not stale
For I am saved through desertion

A silent anthem trumpets
Jun 12
poem challenge: Splash!
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to be insoluble

I went to the lake alone
Hypnotizing winds of turns
Led me here
Bony feet screaming now
In premature raw waters

I wanted space but maybe less of it
Maybe less of it from myself
The world here is all double-sided
But i still see nothing but shaky outlines

Stare down the barrels of water ripples
Murky pebbles become cannons of war
Wreaking havoc to a suppositional world
This isn’t my natural habitat

Sand and water of pure silk
satin spirals cascading around my rubber skin
carressed by a calming essence
cold waters unphased by the sun's penetration

I withold my breath
Attempting to contain my exuding disorder
but mayhem is humanity's aura

Feet planted firmly in muddy battles
Chaos echoes in bubbles
The language of tragedy; silent yet vivid
Spectating my own crime,

What if drowning is defensive?
Mar 05
poem challenge: Wonder
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Sunlight and Raindrops

Golden sweet cookies
And soft white bread
We smiled and skipped when the sun came
Drenched ourselves laughing in the rain
With rainboots as our small rubber boats
Tromping through pools and mysterious moats
Ladybugs worms and butterflies
We were all the same, you and I

Wasn't this what life was supposed to be?
Mommy had told me that I could stay me
So why does the rain mean sneakers and coats?
My feet are sinking, no longer afloat
My memory fades in the stress of today
A worm in the sun, butterfly in the rain

The world is sharpened with age
But I turn to stay absorbently unphased
Gravity can't take my mind, which grows forever through clouds
Knowledge grants me wings to navigate the crowds
My smile is sun, my tears are rain
I see that we are all, still really the same.
Mar 02
fiction challenge: Glass
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Trapped in Glass

To a newcomer, the city was a bursting beam of opportunity, a spike of life in a climate so bare, a colorfully enticing knit cloth in a dark room. 
But to have always existed there feels like a small ball being shaken around an enclosed maze. 
Feb 23
essay challenge: New
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The consumerism cycle

The feeling of new is sickeningly addictive. From a young age, we quickly discover that new stuff makes us "happy." New toys or foods or places or clothes, bring us so much excitement and temporary joy, that for a moment we forget all other worries. This feeling brings a rush of excitement and light into our lives, yet the feeling fades quickly, into boredom and dissatisfaction, thus calling for the cycle to repeat.
Feb 20
poem challenge: Haiku-Moment
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Winter's Truth

Jan 30
poem challenge: Tone
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To be Blunt

Jan 30
nonfiction challenge: Tone
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On Display

Her gaze lingered, just a second too long, and suddenly the lighting changed. I reflected back down onto the fabric I'd covered myself in, now horrified as I looked quickly away in dismay. I folded my arms over my chest, but the laser-beam eyes of every other teenager and teacher still burned right through me. The aura of the room grasped me with pity, judgment, and shame, as I was left seeing the world in slow motion. I was now overwhelmingly aware of the fact that I was alone and lonely, in a crowd full of strangers. Everything was wrong. I'd worn the wrong clothes, makeup, expression, persona. My throat constricted as even the air wished to be distanced from me. I set myself to manual breathing, thinking in, out, in, out, till all too late I realized I'd forgotten how to breathe naturally. I felt my temperature rising, and tears threatening for no reason. I had no reason to be crying, other than the fact that I was too weak to function normally.
Jan 28
CJP challenge: New Day
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America's Sunrise

For many, the inauguration of Joe Biden is seen as a close on the era of chaos. No longer does the man ruling our country use derogatory terms towards women and immigrants. No longer does the ever-climbing temperatures, and warnings of science go ignored and dismissed by a man who sees nothing but a price tag. No longer does the man in charge, spread nothing but lies to feed his ego and further sicken the easily misled and ever-growing population of the uneducated. 
Jan 23
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Branches of my Youth

My tree is a razor-sharp memory
Sticky pine and strong, safe trunk
Perched on the edge of a forgotten home
Which all my love has sunk

From four years old I gathered round
Lighting up at pinecones found
Drawing breaths of sticky sweet air
Gathering dirt within my hair

At the age of six, I dared to climb
And found my self stuck in record time
Poised with fear, in need of help
Grampa appeared at the sound of my yelp

Ten years old I drifted up high
Pretending as if I was one with the sky
Now Grammy was the one to shout in distress
But the tree twirled me back down to be scolded in success

But at age thirteen, I stayed up there all-day
Tears trickling down in the beauty of May
And no one was there to be bothered with worry
As I spoke up in grief to my loved ones, words blurry

Later that day I bid a final farewell