Apr 16
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The Cows At The Barn

When I was younger I remember going to my grandparents and being brought to the barn. That is where all of the cows were of course. With the cows my grandfather had always put us on them and let us ride them. I loved the cows so much (also known as the moo moos at the time.) Now that I'm older I still like the cows but I also find them to be a bit more gross. I'm also a bit too big to ride them now which kind of stinks. I still like the cows and it is fun to see them but I don't even see them as much. The cows can be fun and cute now but I can definitely say I loved them a lot more as a child.
Have I ever disliked them? Honestly no I do remember times that I was scared of them and still am to this day. Like I hate walking behind them because I feel like I'm going to get kicked or something. Other than that and the grossness of them at times I really like the cows. Always have and probably always will.
Apr 02
poem 2 comments challenge: Weather
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Too Much Water

The sky is gray, 
and the ground is dark and wet.
The water is falling.
A lot of water.
Too much maybe.
As it falls it gathers up.
In the potholes, 
in the buckets,
even in the boots the child left out.
The river rises.
The sky stays dark for hours.
The thunder grumbles,
and lets us know that its not over yet.
The lightning strikes,
and shows that it is a strong storm
There is too much water.
We hoped for some water to make our crops less dry,
but now they are drowning, 
and dying.
The water is holding them down,
and not letting them grow.
Everything is covered in inches of water.
There is no drain.
There is just...
Too much water

Mar 26
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All The Tomorrows

Thinking about tomorrow doesn't seem to bad. I mean its just thinking of things like what are tomorrows workouts? Or is my grade in this class going to be updated? All of these tiny thoughts are just some things we take serious in the moment, but are they going to impact all of our future tomorrows? When it comes to how many tomorrows I'm having to think about well thats when it seems a bit more tough. If I think about next week I'm just thinking about school and my regular daily life. That doesn't bother me. Thinking about the amount of tomorrows that bring me to next year does. What is going to happen on each tomorrow and where will it put my in a year? Which tomorrow is it going to be that gets me the money I need for a car? Or which tomorrow is it that I get my collage acceptance letter? All of the tomorrows that are going to come are going to have an impact on my future tomorrows. That is a little scary to think about.
Mar 19
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Didn't Think Anything Of It

The sight of it was crazy and different.
I thought it was something passing by.
I didn't think anything of this bright light.
It was shining.
It was brining color to everything.
Then it began to have color.
This was unbelievable.
These unpredictable lights,
right confront of my eyes.
I cant believe I had thought nothing of it.
These lights are beautiful and bright.
They are a very special opportunity.
I told my friend of this but....
She did not believe me. 
This really was unbelievable.
I was so lucky and happy.
This will never leave my thought, 
or the picture in my mind.
So glad I could see something so unbelievable.
Mar 12
poem 0 comments challenge: City
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Little Muddy Mouse

The country is such a beautiful sight,
Especially in the dark night.
The streets are lit up by all the street lights but there is something odd.
It leads to a large light,
Light from buildings.
Everywhere is crowded too, unlike the country with a beauty for a view.
There is to many creatures that look clean, unlike...
Our little muddy mouse.
Who love all the dirt and the smell of the grass.
The grass is gone and it smells like trash.
The city is crazy and crowded, and whats all the pavement,
What happened to the fun dirt roads.
The little muddy mouse hears something...
"Sorry we don't trail here"
WHATTTT thinks the little muddy mouse.
Trailing is the best part of the country why wouldn't they want it here.
The city is different and big and our little friend feels like a pig.
He feels out of place.
He doesn't like the lights and the people. 
Mar 05
essay 0 comments challenge: Unjust
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Un-Equal Treatment

Just because I am a female does not mean I cant do things the society considers "a mans thing." I have been told by many that because I am a female I should stay home and clean and do school. People have judged me because I hunt and do outdoor things but when it comes to a guy they hype him up. Just because of my gender it shouldn't matter what I do and do not do. From the people that have said things about my life choices I have leaned not to care what they think.
Feb 26
essay 0 comments challenge: Fame
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I Thought It Would Be Luxury

Being famous is fun and it has its advantages, but at this point I just want to be a regular, average person again. There are good parts yes, like the money, having fun, and people knowing you. Along with those advantages there are some disadvantages. Like the paparazzi, the hate, and the constant need to be at my best at all times anywhere that I go. Being a normal and average person has many advantages and less difficult responsibilities, and I would die to go back to that
Feb 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Tone
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Alone While With A Hundred People

Shes in a room with a hundred people, yet she feels like shes the only one.
There is jokes, laughs, happiness, and  joy all around her, yet she feels nothing.
She is smiling and saying she is having fun but guess how she feels. 
There are a hundred people around her, but she still feels alone.
All she can do is talk, say shes fine, tell them that shes having a grand time,
but shes not. Instead she feels like there is nothing she can do.
No one she can talk to, and nowhere to go.
Wherever she is and whoever she is with, all she can do is feel alone.
The feeling she has inside is not normal. Its empty.
She just feels alone and like in a room of a hundred people...
Shes the only one. 
Her smile is hard to force and its even harder to laugh.
She tries.
Yet in a room with a hundred people.
She feels nothing but alone.
Feb 12
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Growing Up

      Whats the most fun thing about growing up? I think its getting closer to my hope of future. I mean growing up is kind of scary, yeah, but its more exciting. I want to say that you really start growing up at 15. You get your permit which gives you another responsibility. Once you turn 16 you get your license where you get an even bigger responsibility of being able to drive by yourself. Finally you turn 18. The biggest part of growing up really. Graduating high school, going to college, this being the year you really look at your future. Growing up is something that some are afraid to do, but others, like myself, arent.
      I cant wait to grow up. I cant wait to have my own car to take care of, a job, bigger responsibilities, and more freedom. I think every teenagers wish is to be able to choose how they live their life, and only have their parents to be by their side supporting them and helping them when necessary. Its me, I am every teenager.
Feb 05
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Any day I want

Honestly I don't think I could pick just one day. But if I had to it would be any day with my three best friends. Maybe one of the days we went to the movies. Or maybe the day we jumped in a lake at night in the middle of winter. That was a lot of fun. If I had to pick any day to go back to it would just be one with them. They have given me the happiest days. Living a day with them again where we had loads of fun would be great. I would definitely go back to the day I met my first best friend. Were still best friends now and that was a great day. A day that had started our friendship. So if I had to pick just one day, any day, it would be the day I met her. Because she has brought so much joy and happiness into my life and that day was an amazing day:)