Oct 19
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Vermont has ways of making things that are harsh and scary beautiful – gorgeous, even!
Icy roads surrounded by woods that look like they jumped out of a storybook.
Icicles covered by a soft, white blanket dangle from each branch.
Fluffy snow floating to the soft ground touched only by the silent animals.
Streaks of light seep between the branches of the trees
while the few birds that remain continue to sing their seemingly endless song.
Oct 16
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John Lewis's legacy

How can we keep John Lewis's legacy alive?
A good question that is, sadly, hard to answer.
People all over the country mistreating others just because of the color of their skin or their culture.
People all over convinced they are superior because of their skin or their beliefs.
You better look the same, sound the same, act the same, believe the same things, if you don't want to be marginalized.
That's today's society.
But it's not hopeless, especially now that so many people are standing up and finding their voices.
So many more people are stepping out of the shadows, fewer and fewer bystanders, more and more voices.
One person at a time, we are fighting this. This, being racism, homophobia, classism, religious prejudice, etc.
There will always be people who continue to mistreat others. 
There is no excuse for this. Nothing that makes it okay.
Because everyone is equal, no matter how they look or what they believe in.
Oct 16
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Warm Winters

it's weird
because Vermont winters
are cold and harsh
but feel warm 
and welcoming
sitting together watching movies
and watching snow slowly drift to the ground in the morning
or in the moonlight when all is quiet 
it's dangerously wonderful
how the sparkling snow
and glittering ice layering the trees
disguises the piercing cold
and slippery roads
but to walk through the silent woods that could be mistaken
as a winter wonderland
or sit with your family
stuck inside on those snow days
makes everything okay

Oct 16
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Writers Block

So many things to write about
So many words to use
So many ideas running through my mind
yet none seem right
But I don't have the confidence to ask for validation
For an opinion
My ideas are for me
I don't like being judged
Does anyone?
So a writer's block
But only blocked by my insecurity
And my fear of being judged
There you go
My poem.
Oct 16
poem 0 comments challenge: Dark
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In The Night

Maybe its the sheer blackness
Maybe its what hides within it
Maybe it's just the silence
Or maybe
Its the fear of being left to the mercy of my mind
Because that's where the real demons hide.
Sep 15
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A Sad Girl

Sep 07
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Old Heartbreak

an old heartbreak is not a forgotton one
an old heartbreak is not a healed one
an old heartbreak is not easier to talk about
so I get on my knees and beg
becuase that name makes it so hard to breathe
because that name reminds me of that emptiness that was once filled.
because that name brings back so many painful memories of happiness.
No im not over it just becuase it happned a year ago
so please stop before I drown in that name.
Sep 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Sunset
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Beautiful Lies

the sunset makes even the darkest things pretty.
like the tears that run down my cheek, glittering in the sun.
or the dangrous thoughts disguised in pink and orange.
even falling apart feels pretty in the fading light.
it is such a strange feeling.
a recipe of love and fear and hate and loss but being so overwhelmed by the beauty..
so overwhelmed that you lose focus of your emtions and they spill
so overwhelmed that you lose grip of your thoughts and they run
as the ground seems to collapse beneath you
pulling your soul from your body
leaving only the eyes 
of a broken girl
reflecting the beautiful sunset.