The Aniimal Poems

I am writing about an animal:

Here’s a hint, It will usually take on a yellowish tint

A crude waterfowl, nowhere near a road or truck,

Today, my friends, I am writing about the duck.

A new animal,

 usually kept as a pet,

You know what it is, I will bet,

Most people think they’re great, worth more than a dime,

I’m not Kitten,

You'll be quite smitten,

    (It’s the only thing I could find that would rhyme)

The Cat

An orange and white cat sat on a white window sill.

      A white and orange cat was sitting on a white window sill.

        The orange and white cat then jumped down.

            He started to play with a blue ball.

                 When the cat was done, 

   he jumped back up on the window sill.

  Then the orange and white cat fell asleep.


I Love Camo

The Sun

The sun is shining in the sky.

It glows throughout the world.

The sky is radiating from all the light.

I look up.

The sky looks down at me. 

In the sky I see the sun,

I must look away from its glory.

I see the sun reflecting on the lake,

giving off a bright light.

The water ripples as a loon floats across.



I ran to the table jumping up and down. 

    “So exciting! So Exciting! SO EXCITING!” I said.

    “Go see your chickens.” my father said smiling. I ran outside after grabbing bread crumbs that were kept in a plastic bag beside the door. I went to the chicken coop that stood on the far right corner of the yard. The backyard was fenced in but there was much more yard that the chickens seemed to prefer. I opened the door and all the chickens ran out. I sprinkled the bread crumbs on the ground. Sebastian crowed delightedly. 

    “Let the chicks get some too.” I told the older chickens who seemed to have eaten the most. I went back inside and my dad handed me a brown box. 

    “For me? Who is it from?” I asked.



Aliens #3


Haikus by Ainsley

Blooming everywhere                                    

and dancing in the sunlight

Flowers of all kinds.

Towering above, 

Getting clouded by the fog.

Mountains are my heart

Slam dunk in the hoop

and maybe some ally oops.

Basketball, just rules.