Jan 21
fiction challenge: Follow

The Story with No Meaning

Just another boring day at the park I thought. My friend, Alex and I were just playing street hockey when this weird lady who looked like those old witches that you see in movies walked up to me. She handed me a paper that said follow me. I asked her where we were going but she just kept walking and ignoring everything I said. Alex and I started walking and we decided to follow her. We were curious and wanted to find out what was out there.

Before I knew it, we were in the dark woods. I looked at my watch and it was already midnight! How did the time go by so quickly? My friend and I would have missed hockey practice for sure. When I looked at the lady, she was gone and we were stuck in the middle of the woods. I looked at my friend and when I turned back, I was at my house. How I thought? Now I was so confused because we were in a jail  in separate jail cells. HOW? I said. This is impossible.  I must be dreaming…
Jan 11
poem challenge: Haiku


This Tree is My Space

Jan 11
poem challenge: Haiku


My Time

    I climb the tree to the tippy top. It is so quiet and peaceful. All I hear is the water rushing and the wind blowing in my hair. I pull out my book and read until the sun goes down. It only feels like it has been two minutes but it has been two hours. Time is slower when I am by the tree.
    I hear my name being called and I climb down. I ran home. When I get home I tell my mother what happened at the tree. Then I sit down for our spaghetti dinner.


A Sad Birch

     When we moved to Vermont we had a nice house but when we looked at the windows, it wasn't such a pretty sight. Right outside the window there was a half dead giant birch tree. Over the years it seemed like every time someone said it was ugly, it seemed to get sader and dim. Then the tree got a friend, a baby maple.  We agreed to chop it down because it looked ugly next to that pretty maple. 
       The next day, Dad grabbed the chainsaw and cut it down into pieces that were the same length as me.My sister and I  played with the wood and the tree died happily being played with. We still have a large piece of wood that we rolled into the woods. Whenever I see it, I think of the sad birch.
Jan 10
poem challenge: Haiku