Sep 24
poem challenge: Sunrise


It gives a crimson glow against the pale sky.

So beautiful that you may die,

and all the birds start to fly

for it will make your parents cry.

The trees harbor the shadows.

The birds hunt and the nightcrawlers hide.

The flowers love its warm glow,

for it is the Sun.






    Once upon a stormy night, you quickly go to sleep, but when you wake up, you find yourself in some sort of a box. You examine your surroundings and find there are two doors and a light above your head. You go to open the door to your left and you find the same exact room except smaller. You do this several more times and you end up crawling. You open the last door you possibly can and see a pair of red eyes peering at you. You hear a growl and start running. You wake up and realize it was your stomach growling.

Sep 23
poem challenge: Sunrise

At The Edge of The Ocean

At the edge of the ocean

the sun will rise.

Always in the day but never in the night.

The bright, vibrant colors fill the whole sky.

Making a pattern that catches my eye.

The cool wind rushes across the sea. 

I feel the sensation of the lights on me.

I take in this moment,

it's one in one million.

I wish I could fly into the clouds,

and see the whole world below. 

But now all I can do is dream of what I wish I could be.

And someday I may live up to my dreams, 

and look down at the seas as they look up to me.

So dream big,

dream large,

dream like you can catch a star.

Sep 23
poem challenge: Sunrise

More Than Just A Rainbow

Red: A vibrant apple, a bright cherry sparkling.

Orange: A tasty orange,a apricot shirt and a coral sunset

Yellow: The bright shining sun on a cloudy day.

Green: Like green eggs and ham and a lovely leaf.

Blue: It could be happy, it could be sad, it could be water or a tart berry.

Purple: Not to be confused with black yet like the night sky. 

Pink: Reminding me of spinning in the breeze or a little flower looking at me.

White: So innocent and humble the color of the clouds in the sky is so blue.
Sep 23
poem challenge: Sunrise

A Sunset

A poem, a picture, never ever the same.

Every one of them is extraordinary and that's easy to say.

A little bit of orange and a little bit of pink, probably some yellow, and 

“WOW, don't you think?

Sep 22
poem challenge: Sunrise


A sunset, so unique,

setting in the west, rising in the east.

So many colors glowing with pride.

They're so full of life, 

they look like a dream.

How can I possibly see

 such a beautiful sight

 with my tiny eyes?

Filled with pink, gold, orange, and yellow.

Why do they have such pretty colors?

Why do you think?

Is it because the light hits them just right? 

Why is the sun lighting the clouds

such a pretty color of gold?

It makes me want to shout with glee.

Why are they so pretty?

- Poem by Natalia Tarbell, 10, Grade 5
Sep 22
poem challenge: First Grade

1st Grade

Fear crept up my back,

like spiders crawling up my spine.

Other kids in a stampede tumbling and stumbling

over me

as I trudge towards the door. 

I could hear my heart beating.  

Here I am… first grade. 

I feel like I can see myself on the floor. 

My blond hair and my face red in fear.

What would my teacher be like?  

I walk in,

ready to see a witch brewing

up some sort of stew. 

I sit down at the table with my name card on it.

I am ready. 

Even though I can feel  butterflies in my stomach,

I am hopeful.

I know I can do this.


I look around me,

all I see are smiles. 

Why am I scared?

I know I have to try. 

So to make just the littlest… smile.