Apr 16
essay challenge: Nostalgia
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"Kick The Can"

Water would always run down the sides of my mouth after hastily drinking a cold cup of water, exhausted from all the running. We would always makes sure no nieghbors door was missed, in excitement they would join us for a game of kick the can. When we had our tribe prepared to play, I would make an attempt at exclaiming the game, but usually was quickly drowned out from their laughing and chatting. After begging and getting my dad to be the seeker, he would start counting down and we would all run in different directions, hoping to learn by imitation. The only thing you could hear was the loud ribbits of the frogs, and occasionally a giggle from a hiding spot. Even now after years of practice at the game, I often find myself amazed at the places some people find to hide, or resort to hiding in. 
Apr 02
essay challenge: Serendipity
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Thomas Reed doesnt think very highly of himself, in fact if you asked him about his personality, or his favorite things to do, his life is so bleak he couldn't even respond with a proper answer. He's read all the philosophy literature he could, talking about how special life is, and how you should make the most of it. He could tell you that the odds of you being alive right now are 1 in 400 trillion, and yet Thomas still works 9-5 every day at a desk, feeling insignificant and dull. He feared this for so long in his youth, talking about if his life becomes so boring he might as well off himself, that's harsh though. Thomas had two great parents, he's very thankful for how they raised him, and that they supported him through everything. He's worked for a lot of things, and still doesnt think he deserves much. He has the worst luck, so maybe he deserves that. 
Mar 19
essay challenge: Glass
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The Window From Which She Watched

She stood on her tippy toes and grasped onto the windowsill with the chipping lead paint. 
“Eric, you insisted on moving into your mothers old home, you need remove these lead paint window sills!” She heard her mother holler from the kitchen. The little girl brushed off the paint chips from her hands quickly and ran to the kitchen. Rebecca hauled the seemingly 100 pound stool over to the window, eager to see out of it. 
  Her dad comes up behind her and picks her up to his shoulders. “One day you’ll grow up, and being the smart little girl you are, you'll probably be looking out a grand castle window. One with majestic horses and a ginormous pool!” She giggles as a response. 

The car door slammed and 7 year old rebecca ran from the tv to greet her parents. 
    “Try to get it inside before she notices.” Her mom failed to whisper to Eric. 
Mar 12
poem challenge: Dreaming
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My brain paints the inside of my eyelids
Once i've slept for long enough
dramatic fiction stories 
mix with reality 
Leaving me in unrealistic plots,
Inspired by my daydreams,
They now are my short-term actuality 
And unknowing that my existence here is fake
I part way with only a memory
That I leap to jot down 
For I know it will soon fade

Mar 05
fiction challenge: Unjust
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"Just how it is"

It started in fifth grade when little Elizabeth realized life isn't perfect. Like when the teachers would always say “I need some strong boys to stack these chairs” or when the boys were a little too cocky at boys vs girls dodgeball. She did everything in her little power to make what she called everything, “even”. 

“Mom it's not fair, I just want it to be even.” Elizabeth complained after a long day of school. Her mom cocked her head in confusion and Elizabeth repeated, “It's not even.” 

“I don't understand what you mean honey” Her mom said, trying to follow along. 

“All the boys get to do cool things and they act like we can't do anything.” Elizabeth scrunched up her face to show her disapproval. 

“Ohhhh, that's just how it is, I'm sorry sweetie, I understand.” Her mom pushed off the issue like it was nothing.  She didn't understand. 
Feb 19
nonfiction challenge: Portal
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Bathtub In the Woods

It was a late summer day when 9 year old Gabe stumbled across the off-putting bathtub. After Gabe “devoured” as his mom would say, half a watermelon, Gabe ran back into the eerie woods on the warm summer afternoon. He had a passion for exploring like no one he had ever met, except maybe some people from his favorite movies, but that didn't count. The ferns swayed away as he sprinted through them wanting to get back to where he last was. Gabe had spotted something in the distance before he turned around when his craving for watermelon occured, and figuring it was just an old tire he went back towards the house.  The mysterious item became visible and Gabe ran towards it. His shins ached when the thorn bushes scraped against them but it wasn't like his shins weren't already covered in scars. The moss covered white porcelain seemed to resemble a bathtub, very aged he thought though. 
Feb 12
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Ski Trip Gone Wrong

My legs were starving to get out of my bindings on the last chair up the mountain. We had a huge day, starting on the first chair at 9am and now it's 3:45, quarter till closing. 

“We gotta do something easy man, My legs are killing me” I groaned. As much as I love snowboarding, when I'm done, I'm done. 

“No way! You know how much powder is still in those woods? We aren't coming back this season, we gotta take one more tree run, c’mon Scot.” Matt begged me, and eventually I obliged. As we hopped off the chairlift I could see the lift operator packing up for the end of day. I strapped as fast as I could while Matt complained we gotta go or the sweepers are gonna be right on our asses and not let us ski in the trees. We sped down the still fresh corduroy from the groomers and hopped into the woods when we came upon the entrance. 
Feb 05
essay challenge: Groundhog
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Groundhog Day

With the possibility to relive any day of my life, how could I choose one? From experiencing the great views of Colorado to just simply enjoying life with my friends and family, I would choose a day with a mixture of excitement, family time, and doing my favorite thing. Sometimes I feel like I bring up this time too often, but it was truly one of my favorite things I've experienced. My dad has always dreamed of being able to do the things he did in his 20s with me, like backpacking. In the late summer of 2020 when we left to spend a few days in the white mountains with his outdated gear from the 90s. 
Jan 29
essay challenge: Guardian
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Turtle Guidence

His tousled hair and dripping clothes made him look like some middle-aged man who let his drinking problem go too far, which was absolutely true, but why would  he want someone to view him as that, true or not. The rain made Tom’s cheap work shoes squeak as he hobbled down the street, not knowing where he was going, nor did he care. He found the note after a long day of working to support his family. In rushed handwriting it wrote some cliché break up line as if a high schooler took his wife's place.  He’d known this was coming, their relationship was only getting worse since they had become high school sweethearts. Maybe his mom was right about high school sweethearts, who on earth even peaks in high school anyway? 
Jan 15
essay challenge: Trouble
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Jeremiah's Battle with Trouble

Today trouble seemed to seep through Jeramiah’s day like water through a sponge. Jeremiah's one of those people who can tell what kind of day it's going to be just by how their morning starts, and beginning the day by finding out someone had blocked his car does not indicate a good day. Baffled on how to get out of his parking spot, he decided to call an Uber, something he rarely does and dislikes to do. Once the Uber arrives, Jeramiah goes to grab his headphones, and believe it or not, they are not there. Now he feels obliged to initiate a conversation which is not something he has a fondness for. After some awkward smalltalk Jeramiah hops out of the cramped Mercedes and begins the short walk to his office building. Jeremiah works as a journalist and just yesterday there was a huge fire in downtown so now he must cover the story, not excluding interviewing people involved. He cracks open his old crappy Macbook only to realize his computer is on 5 percent, great.