Apr 14
nonfiction challenge: Nostalgia
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You know when you’re little and your family always did that thing that made everyone happy and now you look back and it’s like where has all this gone? I have so many memories and moments that I think of every once and a while and it’s like wow. The one that hits the hardest was watching TV, usually the Dukes of Hazzard the original show, not the movies or anything. My family has the first three seasons. I know every one of those episodes by heart and which DVDs is too scratch to even work in the DVD player. When my sister and I were ready to watch we’d make popcorn in an air popper because we never had a microwave, melting the butter on the stovetop in a little cast iron pot. We would always put the Cabot popcorn cheese on it. We would be so excited we would pull the coach out from the walls and put them in rows like in the movie theater.
Apr 02
poem challenge: Weather
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Puddles gather on the ground, 

The air is warm but the downpour stings when it hits your skin.

Lightning strikes, thunder roars,

Either inside watching a movie or outside letting the rain pelt your skin.

You can hear the rain slap the roof,

Making a soothing sound.

As day turns into night the rain keeps coming,

Like a revolving cycle.

Deep in the night lightning striking and thunder roaring. 

Illuminating the sky for a split second then everything going black.

The possibility of losing power, playing board games by candlelight.

Storms are the best thing Mother Nature can give us.
Mar 26
poem challenge: Critter
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We run deep in the grass far from the sight of the danger,

We are small but in our world we are big. 

In the summer it’s wide open plains,

In the winter it's the walls of the house.

At night we run freely,

In the day we run in fright.

The big beady eyes I see on others like me look like black orbs,

The pink tails remind me of worms that are in the ground. 

We are everywhere but not always in sight. 

We have small squeaks but make people screech.

Mar 18
poem challenge: Unbelievable
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Mid March 2020

It was Mid March, playoffs.

We thought nothing of it,

Next thing we knew the game was canceled.

Everyone was more than irritated.

March 13th, maybe people were blowing off steam,

The 8th grade was in a tare.

That Sunday we got a funny call,

Two days in, two weeks off.

Everyone was happy saying goodbyes,

It was only two weeks after all…

More like six months.

What we said and did that day was unbelievable.
Mar 11
poem challenge: City
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I am so small,

Everything is so tall.

Through the streets I scurry,

Everyone is in such a hurry.

Things are so dark,

Oh how to leave a mark.

People coming and going,

The wind almost never blowing.

There are so many shops,

What's with the donuts and the cops. 

The smell,

It's like hell. 

I am a mouse,

This is my house. 

Mar 05
poem challenge: Rhyme
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Some go to the mall,

Some go to basketball.

The ones that have fun at night, 

Are then running from the police in fright.

The ones known for looks,

Aren’t good with the books.

The ones that have fun with boys,

Are then seen as toys.

Either blessed with freedom,

Or dying of boredom.

Six hours of school a day,

Waiting for the month after May.

Parents yelling,

Siblings telling.

People saying what you should eat,

In the end you feel beat.

The life of a teenager. 

Feb 18
poem challenge: Tone
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Without You

You were here, now you’re not

You left a hole, for someone else to fill

You said you would never leave, never say never they say

I needed you, you wanted me 

You’re there not here, I should have known I would’ve liked it more without you

That hole is filled by someone better

You left, I’m glad

Now you want me, I don’t need you
Feb 08
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Valentines Day

When asked what your favorite and least favorite holidays are, what are your answers?  I don’t know about you but I for sure, have an immediate answer. Valentine’s Day. I hate it. I have my reasons. People will say, “Oh, you’ve never had someone to love.” No, I hate it because I see no reason to ask a person to be your valentine for one day, give them chocolates after all you are too scared to look them in the eyes on any of the other 364 days of the year, and tell someone you like them. Also the card, chocolate, and flower companies don’t make enough money throughout the year? It doesn’t make sense to have a specific day of the year to tell someone that you are interested in them. 
Feb 05
nonfiction challenge: Groundhog
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Day from the Past

When given the opportunity to relive a day from your past over and over is there even a correct answer? Like okay pick a day and relive it but why? I understand some people have days that they want to go back and fix the things they did. The point of life is to move on and learn from what you have done. Not to rehash every single thing that you have done. If I had to go back and relive a day it would be a day I know brings me joy but I only remember parts and pieces of what actually happened. From long ago but not that long ago, the day that starts this journey. 
Jan 28
poem challenge: Spoken
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The Cycle of the Day


We waste time instead of sending time, wake up go to school here or there

Keys on laptops clicking instead of pencils scratching on paper

You have more time, you are at home they say

Every single one of them giving us more work, thinking other teachers don't do the same 

Your only escape is the practice after school, even that is a box to check off the To-do list  

Doing the same thing every day over and over makes it a task

Why watch TV when it’s the fake version of the moment you are living

Can’t see friends without being judged for going out, not going out makes you paranoid

Not talking to friends unless help is needed with work

The fabric on our faces save people, must wear it at all times 

The news has been the same for the past year, case count is this high, the vaccine is coming