May 28
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    It was Friday and it was the same as every other Friday or so we thought. Every Friday for gym class we have fitness Friday. Fitness Friday was when there were stations and at each station we would spend one minute doing that activity. After the minute was up we would run around for a minute. Since it was winter we stayed inside for this. After about 20 minutes of this my friend Molly and I were getting pretty tired. We started to run but I wasn’t paying attention. This resulted in me falling over Molly who was in front of me and walking. We both tumbled to the ground. As we pick ourselves up, Molly sees a penny. She picks the penny up and is so excited. She decides to name the penny Abraham because the former president Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.
Apr 16
essay challenge: Nostalgia
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Summer Days

Since school is out during the summer there are many different possibilities of activities to fill your days with. There is spending time with friends, going swimming and camping. Those are common things to do during the summer. My summers did have swimming and hanging with friends but that was in between haying. Most of my summer days are spent in a field. Especially when I was younger my entertainment was running and somersaulting through the windrows with my younger sister. After it was all bailed up and brought home. We would have to put it away in the barn. Always right before my sister and I would climb up to the top of the hay and ride a little bit to the barn. Once the hay was emptied from the wagon we got to ride. Finally, my favorite thing to do after the hay was in the barn was to make a hay fort. Now you might have made a fort in your room with blankets and pillows but this is way better. We used to make huge forts with tunnels instead of doors.
Apr 02
essay challenge: Weather
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Hay time

“How does the weather look for this week?” I ask my dad early Tuesday morning.

“Sunny and beautiful,” he replies.

In other words, that means perfect weather for haying.

“What are you going to mow?” my mom asks.

“Everything that is standing!” my dad says with a laugh.

That can only mean one thing, we have to unload the two wagons that are parked up in the shed. Because if he says he is going to mow everything standing, that means he is going to mow as much as he can before it is time for milking.

I shouldn’t be complaining, it's good to get the hay in now so we have plenty for the winter. Also, we don’t want a repeat of what happened last week. But still, around 280 bales is a lot to unload this early in the morning.
Mar 26
essay challenge: Critter
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Cow's Thoughts

Here come the annoying humans. Has it really been a whole day already? I think they are lying. I am trying to enjoy the sun and fresh air. Why do they have to come along and ruin everything? Is it because I pooped the whole length of the barn on the way out this morning? If that is the reason then I am sorry. I said I was sorry, now can you leave me alone? Fine. Since you can’t respect my wishes, we will do this the hard way. I think that instead of going inside, I am going to sit here and enjoy the sun. The sun is so nice. Oh great, one is coming towards me. Maybe if I stay very still they won’t see me. Okay, okay stop poking me, I will get up. Hey, just because I got up doesn’t mean I am going to start walking. Fine, if you insist on me going I guess I will. You thought I was going to head towards the barn? You were wrong. Tag you're it, catch me if you can. I think I should go see what is over there. I know I had all day, but I didn’t go over here yet.
Mar 19
essay challenge: Glass
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The one thing Mia wished she could do was go outside. However, she couldn't because she is trapped inside the tallest tower. Ok, maybe she wasn't trapped in a tower but it felt like it most of the time. That was her favorite thing to do was pretend that she was a princess waiting for her prince. The only problem was this story didn't have a happy ever after ending, no prince charming. She was never going to get out. She couldn't she was sick there's no way around it. Even if she wanted to leave the second she stepped out of her house she would die. 
Mar 12
poem challenge: City
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Country Mouse

A sunny day not a cloud in sight. 

Unlike the crowd which filled the streets.

Every noise was too loud for the little mouse.

He quickly downed his food and scurried away.

Once at home the little mouse couldn’t have been more proud of himself.

Mar 05
essay challenge: Unjust
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A Special Story

Maddie was sitting in her social studies class, her teacher Mrs. Smith was talking to the class. She was known for just babbling on about her personal life and talking way too much then she should. Most people thought her stories were boring and hated them. Maddie on the other hand loved her stories. She thought that they were so interesting and one-of-a-kind. This time her teacher was talking about her experience when she was trying to get hired for her first teaching job. The school that Mrs. Smith works for at the moment wasn't the first school she applied for. Before moving to Vermont she lived in New York. She applied for a teaching job near her home New York City. After the interview she was feeling confident about what questions she had been asked and her answer to them. She was totally sure that they were going to hire her. However, that wasn’t the case when she got a call three days later saying that they had hired someone else.
Feb 19
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Snow Day

Vermont winters are always white. Sometimes there is tons of snow and others only a little. There are always tons of things to do like go sledding, skiing, building a snowman, etc. you're never bored. My favorite thing to do is go sledding. Living on a hill surrounded by fields means there are also big hills to go down. Due to COVID-19 I am at home more but that isn’t a bad thing. I get to spend more time outside with my family. I have plenty of stories about sledding but I want to tell you about this one that happened recently.      
Feb 12
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February vacation was next week and everyone was excited. During the morning meeting, everyone took turns saying what they were doing. Rebecca was going to visit her cousin in New Mexico. Bobby was going to Paris. Betty was going to Louisiana. John, Sally, and the teacher were going to Iowa. Sam was headed north to Canada. Ana, Tammy, Tessa, and Matthew were going to Florida.

When it was Amy’s turn, she told everyone that she was staying in Vermont. Amy then explained that her February vacation consisted of helping around the farm like she always did and helping to get ready for the sugaring season. Her family had a sugar house in the woods surrounded by maple trees, perfect for making syrup. Every February vacation they would prepare for the upcoming season by making sure everything was hooked up, ready for the sap. Once they got that ready, it was time to start drilling holes into the trees. After explaining all of this, their morning meeting continued as planned. 
Feb 05
essay challenge: Groundhog
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Best Day of My Life

One of the best days of my life was going to see the Eiffel Tower. I was in France with my aunt and uncle visiting my uncle’s family. I had been there for about a week and a half. For the first week we spent it in my uncle’s home town of Normandy. Then we traveled by train to Paris. Once in Paris we stayed at a family friend's apartment. In the days that followed we visited The Louvre, Notre Dame, and went on a boat ride at night. Those were all fantastic experiences but I also loved when we finally visited the Eiffel Tower. You might be thinking that I enjoyed going early in the morning and climbing up to the first floor and then to the second floor. You would be right I did enjoy that and had lots of fun. The walk up the stairs was hard but the view from up there was magnificent. However, this wasn't my favorite part. My favorite part was seeing the Eiffel Tower late at night. Most people don’t know this but when it gets dark enough the Eiffel Tower lights up.