Dec 18
visual/photos/art challenge: Blue
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Nov 20
nonfiction challenge: Community
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A few actions I could take to benefit others in my community would be helping with food drives, volunteering at nursing homes, and picking up trash around the neighborhood. 
Nov 06
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Oct 30
fiction challenge: Sentence
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Oct 16
poem challenge: Winter Tales 2020
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Winter Tales 2020

Sledding on hills

Building snowmen

Traveling in the snow

Snowball fights with my siblings

Watching blizzards from my window

Staying home because of the snow

Enjoying the holidays with my family

That’s what winter in Vermont means to me

Oct 02
fiction challenge: Maze
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Minotaur Maze

The maze was enormous and Kassandra wasn’t even sure if there was an end to it. She had been travelling through the maze for almost a full day now and she hadn’t found the minotaur which was the reason she had gone in there in the first place. When she was little her parents entered the maze hoping to find and kill the famous minotaur that was trapped in there. Kassandra waited for a whole year but her parents never came out of the maze. After that she dedicated her life to becoming a strong warrior and using her strength to kill the minotaur for her parents. 
Sep 18
fiction challenge: Bucket
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Bucket List

    I would like to go to Greece and South Korea. I want to go to Greece because I like reading about the Greek gods and I’d like to see the temples and other historical places. Also Greek culture is very neat and I wonder if their food tastes good. I would like to go to South Korea because I really like Oriental Asian culture and their food looks very tasty. I also want to go there because I really enjoy watching Korean shows and listening to Korean Pop music. I would love to go with my sister because she also really likes those things and we would probably have fun. We would probably try to learn Greece and Korean before we left. We would also have to be older so we could both save up money to go.