Jan 05
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Soda Bottles

Old soda bottles! When I was about 10 or 11 I was participating in a Greenup day cleanup in my town and while I was exploring through the woods I found an old Coca Cola bottle that looked straight out of a 1950s movie. Although it was just another piece of trash it was fascinating to my 10 year old mind. The shape and size of the bottle plus the fact that it was made from smooth glass instead of cheap plastic. I decided to pocket this find and brought it home with me after the day had ended. I brought it home and removed the label and washed it till it sparkled. From then on whenever I attended Greenup days or even just walking along the road I would keep my eyes peeled for the glint in the grass that might lead to an addition to my collection.

Oct 25
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Darkness is a mixed sort of blessing. For in darkness things can hide and things can be hidden. All of mans greatest accomplishments and his worst failures both die in darkness. For some it is a form of redemtion. For some a loss of everything. But in the darkness everyone is equal. It matters not the color of your skin,your gender or where you come from. In the darkness we are all treated the same. But in the darkness there is also light. For withought light darkness is nothing. And without some darkness the light means nothing. For only in darkness can the light really burn at its brightest.