Apr 15
rant challenge: Nostalgia
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Younger me nostalgia

When I was a younger child I used to get up every morning on the weekends and watch the show Courage The Cowardly Dog.  Now that I’m older I know that it was quite disturbing and I have no idea why I liked it so much. If I was given the chance to watch it again I probably would but I might not like it as much. It is about Courage the dog who has to survive all of these weird scenarios. The one I remember the most is when courage and his owners were transported into the painting at a painting museum. Anyway I miss the show and might watch it again. 
Mar 19
fiction challenge: Unbelievable
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The anger of the ocean

What we did on that day was unbelievable. As we walked down onto the port to see the ocean we saw a gigantic wave coming straight towards us. As soon as other people saw it they ran. Me and my little brother George didn’t know what to do so we just watched. After I realized what was happening I took George and we headed up to the mountain. 

“Mom! Dad!”

“What is happening Joh-” As dad started to ask he saw it and we all ran to go up the mountain. Before we can get into the cart to go up the mountain the wave sweeps us up and throws us around. I blacked out before I could get out. After I wake up I see my mom, dad, and little brother also passed out. When I look around I see our village wreaked and torn into pieces. After we all wake up we try to get back to the life that we used to live but it was never the same.
Mar 05
poem challenge: Rhyme
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The camp on the mountain

After we reached the top of the hill we saw it took hours.

But when we reached the top we saw the flowers.

The purple and pink ones we took.

As we walked over to the tree and brought out our book.

After a while we set up camp.

We noticed it was getting dark so we lit a lamp.

As we watched the sun set we closed our eyes.

When we woke we could see the blue skies.
Feb 18
nonfiction challenge: Portal
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The Bridge

‘Ughh just another day of school. Why do we have to learn how the pythagorean theorem works anyway, it’s not like our life depends on it.’ Hello reader, this is Jacub. He is an eight grade student at Morevills High School. He has a younger sister named Ginger and an older brother named Luke. Their life is pretty boring, they also have a mother named Jannet and a father named James. 

“Why do we have to walk home again?” Ginger winned 

“Because our parents don’t like to drive us home and they don’t trust the bus.” Luke replied. Ginger Sighs. About half way home they walk on the same bridge that they always walk on when they see a person sized hole in the air on the other side of the bridge.

“Hey luke what is that?” Jacob asked. As Luke looks up he doesn’t know what to say. “Luke?” He asks again.
Feb 11
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The Five Legendary Hero's


“Grandpa tell me another story,” I ask as I jump up and down in my bed.

“Haha, ok ok,” He said. “Once upon a time there was a group of adventurers,” my grandfather started.

“What were their names grandpa” I say, interrupting his story

“Well there were five of them, Haruto the scouter, Akira the brains, Atsuko the doctor, Takemikazuchi the swordsman, and Nagid the leader. They were known as the Five Guardians. They cleansed the evil from this world and brought peace to the world,”

“But then why do we live in fear of the demons?”

 “Well, the demon king, Abaddon arose from his purgatory and then he stabbed his sword into the ground causing the evil to spread across the world. He created what we now know as Molgiath,” My grandfather said

“Ok dad, we have all heard the story of the five legendary heroes dad,” my father said as he walked in.
Feb 05
nonfiction challenge: Groundhog
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If I had to relive a day

If I had to relive a day of my life over and over again I would relive one of the days that I went to disney world. I don’t really remember what happened there so I would love to experience it again. From the stuff that I remember I loved the rides and the outside was nice and hot and in the shade it was cool. It was almost refreshing in a way. Anyway with the stress from covid and all that it would be refreshing to just go there without worrying about anything like that. I don’t really have a favorite ride but I would love to try them all again. 

Jan 28
fiction challenge: Guardian
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The luck of the pirate

Renchy is a pirate. No not the type of pirate that we see in today's world, no Renchy is a pirate that sailed the seven seas looking for treasure. Renchy lived on the planet of coral. The planet is covered by water, only 5 percent of the planet was dry land. He was a young teen that swabbed the deck for 3 hours of the day. His captain was the wanted pirate captain Jake the jealous. 

“Are the decks cleaned yet Renchy?” Bob asked, “You don't want the captain to slip and get angry with us again, do you?”

“I’m almost done, I just need to finish the main deck and I’ll be done,”

“Good because we need to get din-”. Boom, A cannon fired off in the distance. 

“Enemy fire it's the navy,” Boom a second shot fired and hit the side of the ship causing it to wobble. 
Jan 13
fiction challenge: Trouble
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Greg the not so great

Greg was an ok student. He has average grades and a couple of friends that he hangs out with from time to time. Well everyone has had a bad day right? Well today Greg was supposed to go to work but he forgot to fuel his car up so he took the bus, Greg didn’t have a way to get to work. He’s stuck at school, missing his job, dealing with a group of 5th graders that were sitting outside of the school building. ‘People always have a bad day, right?’ he thought when suddenly he was hit in the face with a water bottle.

“Haha loser,” the fifth graders taunted. ‘Stupid little brats’ he angerly thought. He starts to walk to work when a car speeds by splashing him and runs right through a deep puddle. He continues walking. 

“Hey g-greg are you ok, what happened?” his co-worker, Joey asks.

“Nothing sorry for being late i'll get right to work,” 
Dec 18
nonfiction challenge: Twirl
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The super dance

My dog has a super dance. No you did not read that wrong. My dog is a beagle and every morning he barks and runs all around the yard. When we got him we had a very long argument about what to name him. Eventually my mother played the ‘I’m your mother so I get to pick the name’ card. His name is now Oliver and he loves to eat and run and get headpats. He also is very afraid of everyone except my mother. Although he is a scardy cat he also lifts his legs and puts them on things just so he can get pat. When 3:30 comes around then they get food. He starts by jumping on his hind legs and spins like a top until whoever has fed him has put the food in the dish. Then he always lays down in his little bed and kinda falls asleep.

Dec 10
rant challenge: Dickinson
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Nothing lasts forever

The chirp of a bird. The chaos of getting ready for school while your family also is getting ready. The weird good/sad feeling after you finish your favorite series on netflix. These are all things that will never last forever. The last thing that you want to do is stay stuck on one memory that you regret. Time doesn’t stop moving so neither should you. The funny thing about life is that you want to be grown up when you're a child but when you're an adult the thing you long for is your youth. Time is an ongoing thing that will probably never stop so you have to move along with it.