Nov 16

First snow- took you long enough

Oct 24
poem challenge: Appreciation


The air smells sweet 
the air cool
The grass so full of life
So full of life
It all makes you feel small
but also like the world is made just for you
You whisper secrets
the trees whistle secrets of their own
and now you know them too
and you wait for the stars to come out
you look at the sky
and close your eyes
and you wait for the stars to come out
and they come out
and although logic says otherwise 
you know they are just for you
just for you
and they gleam in the sky
like happy tears
leaking out of eyes
but understood
and you whisper secrets
and the stars sing them back
and others might not look at the stars
that is okay
just please don't take my stars away
Oct 16

Snow white

I saw an apple
that looked like snow white
 but still
I closed my eyes
and took a bite
thinking it was all a dream
for a time 
I saw repunzal
in her tower
I started to climb
I saw Snow White in the wood
starting to run
in a time where there is no more sun
I saw an apple 
hiding from her Prince Charming 
I recall he had 3 princesses 
all in grand ball gown dresses 
that they have to wear 
So someone will pay attention 
And sometimes 
Snow White wishes 
the prince did not kiss her
in her coffin 
nearly dead
waiting for someone to save her
when she just wanted to save herself
Oct 05

Told me to run

When the world is fear
and the sky is dark,
just as the shadows like, 
we turn to each other.
I turn to you
and you tell me to run. 
You tell me to run till running isn't an option no more
so I pick up my feet
and flee and 
run run run
because you once told me to run
and I never stopped running.