Jan 20

playing the violin

Playing the violin 

Hoping to make a sound

Trying not to screech 

When the song goes from quiet 

To loud

Testing every note 

Trying every rhythm

Watch the notes leap of the page

Your soul moving with ‘em

Moving from high to low


Fast or slowed down

The sound could move across town



There’s a rest

The vibration everywhere 

Frome north to south

To east to west
Jan 15


I am locked

In a clock

Tick tock

I bang and knock

On where there used to be a door

That is not there anymore

I have no time

But all the time in the world

I this prison of waiting

Jan 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Twirl

Dance along


Turning all around

Whirling twirling

Upside down

Music bouncing in my brain

Dancing crazy 

Don’t refrain 

Jazz hands 

Kick line 

So much more too

Tell me what makes you twirl

And yell

Woo hoo!
Dec 27

What used to be a tree

Dec 26

The tree with 0range- yellow leaves

I saw the most beautiful tree
with orange-yellow leaves
And the bark was so lovely dark 
it complemented the leaves 
In that
0range- yellow way
and then
Like magic
it started to snow 
not heavy snow 
but light snow
even after an hour not even an inch of snow 
And I could talk all about snow
if I wasn't so distracted 
by the tree with
dark bark
and 0range- yellow leaves