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Feb 04

99 Words or Less

A smile is given, a laugh received, phone numbers are exchanged. 
They call, they text, and then they ask, do you want to hang out again? 
First goes one date, then another, and then they reach ten.
Their fourth anniversary comes and goes and then the only question is when
When they would get on one knee and they ask with a huge grin,
Will you marry me? Will you make me the happiest person that’s ever been?
I do, they say, with a grin, their hands linked together,
And now they live with each other, together, forever.
Jan 25
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There is something we can do

The silence is deafening, there's no doubt about it
It surrounds us until we choke
There is much we should be doing
And yet no sound is heard, there is nothing to say
Not anymore, we think 

But then a voice speaks up 
Echoing through the silence
Together, it says, together we must stand
The voice refuses to believe what we believe to be true
That there is nothing that we can do

That there is no
searching for the truth
      Looking forward to the future
            Finding answers for ourselves and others
There is no more, we all state, nothing that we can do

But then the extraordinary happens
The voice speaks up again
Its whisper still loud when it states
There is something we can do
There is something we can do
There is something we can do
It repeats again and again like an unending mantra