Oct 31
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A hump of slow moving moss,
four tree-bark spades
enfolded in weather-worn wrinkles,
carress the smooth earth.
One wise blackberry eye
reflects old memories,
while a small pebble nose
takes in the world...
Oct 24
opinion challenge: I hope ...
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I Hope: A Realization

Oct 24
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Oct 18
opinion challenge: Election 2020
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The Truth The Government Is Hiding From

Why are we making such a big candy grab out of the election?
The president's place should represent responsibility and kindness, not a big power struggle.
The election has become overated and twisted by greed.
This is short, but it summarizes the world's state, 
Everyone cares more about being in control than 
Being the helper of our nation.
Oct 17
poem challenge: Photo-BW
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Photo Perspective

Oct 17
poem challenge: Scars
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A Memory

Oct 17
opinion challenge: Sentence
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Someday: Maybe Something Better

Oct 17
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If our nation was a puzzle,
A giant moving puzzle,
Full of beauty, sorrow, and pain,
The piece with love and unity
Is missing right now,
Dropped by a small child or dog
Onto the floor.
Oct 17
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Oct 16
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The Effect of Sugar On the Snow Queen

"Winter is here," chilled the Snow Queen from frozen teeth.
"Winter is here," agreed the snowflake, falling from Sky's icy hand. 

I heard this all, hidden behind an ice covered tree. Suddenly, an icecicle cracked beneath my feet.
The Snow Queen whirled around, her eyes blazing. "What mortal DARES to look upon me?" she shrieked.
"You and all your family shall be forever frozen!" She walked closer to freeze me into a block of ice. 
I fumbled, dropping my thermos of hot chocolate onto the snow. The Snow Queen stopped.
"What is that?" she demanded. "Give it to me!" I had an idea. "Okay, I'll give it to you, if you let me go,
and if you don't freeze me and my family." Her eyes narrowed. "Fine." The Snow Queen grabbed the thermos,
opened it and sniffed it. "No doubt, this is a secret potion for everlasting beauty !" she cried.