Jun 02
opinion challenge: Opposites
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Friendship of wind and sand

A friendship of opposites. At first thought, it seems unusual, yet possible. We have all heard the age-old saying, “opposites attract,” but does that apply to friendships?

Opposite friends are the best kind of friendship; an opposite friend is there to balance you, keep you honest. One is outgoing and loud, while the other is relaxed and calm.

The balance is needed, someone to tell you “no” or “that’s not the best idea,” your person to give you the advice you never even thought of.

Your weaknesses are your best friend’s strengths; if you need help with anything, you have the perfect partner to fix it.

A friendship of opposites is less like fire and water and more like wind and sand. Water and fire are mutually destructive; water will extinguish a flame, just as fire will boil water away to nothing. Wind and sand go together, yet are very different. They have things to each their own, the wind has air, while sand has earth.
May 20
fiction, opinion challenge: Clicker
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Life Remote?

The concept of a life remote is interesting; it is one that holds great power. With the ability to pause, fast-forward, or rewind, life would be drastically different. The weight actions would hold would be much less. I think the life remote could be used for great things, but could also hold many negative possibilities. A life remote would make “living in the moment” almost useless, if one could rewind and replay the same moment again, there is almost no reason to stay present when it is occurring. That being said it could make hard times better; like the first day at a new job or a big presentation would be less nervewracking. If the outcome was not as you wanted, you could simply do it again. Similarly, special days like weddings, graduations, and birthdays could lose their significance if one could repeat, relive, or rewind the day countless times. With the ability to rewind, meaningful moments could lose their meaning, yet tough times could become easier.
Apr 09
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Childhood Memories

My childhood was PBS Kids on weekends and rainbow goldfish for snacks. It was books and reading, warmth and love. I was raised by Chris and Martin from Wild Kratts and found comfort in books like Caps for Sale and The Snowy Day. I learned how to be myself from Fancy Nancy and Chrysanthemum. I fell in love with Mooch from the books Just Like Heaven and Hug Time, and wanted to be in the book If You Give a Pig a Party. My days consisted of Welch’s fruit snacks and pirate booty; of Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. Mornings were for Dinosaur Train and afterschool was for Word Girl. My love of science stems from countless hours looking through botanical books and my dad reading A Seed is Sleepy. I loved it all, from puzzles to soccer games, my childhood was the best. Sure, I always wanted to watch SpongeBob and eat Freeze Pops; but no, I had it best.
Apr 09
fiction challenge: Unbelievable
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It was Unbelievable

It was simple, it wasn’t much, and it wasn’t fancy. It was a day like any other, the sun rays slowly dropped from the sky and tickled our faces. The slight rustle of leaves hinted at the warmer summer breeze coming. We laughed until our stomachs ached and smiled until we forgot how to frown.

As our laughter floated up into the sky, so did we. Our toes left the ground and we felt like we could go anywhere.

It’s funny how happiness and laughter gives you so much power, how the feeling of euphoria makes you feel so alive. The simplicity of life is what makes it so magical, but nevertheless, we still find some way to complicate things.

But if you look back on one day in your life, if you really look, you will notice that maybe not all of it was fun or good, but there was something good in it. 
Mar 23
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Morning Rays

I like the mornings, the sun just starting to crest over the mountains. The way the sun rays peek through trees and dance on the motionless lake. I love the way the sun gently rocks me awake in the morning and the taste of the first drops of sun. When the sun shines in through all the different windows and my house has that welcoming glow, that’s the sun I want. Morning sun rays are different, the light is different, the warmth is different. They say the morning sets the tone for the whole day, and I think that’s true. There is nothing better than going outside in the morning, the air still dewy, with the sun melting all your thoughts away. The light shimmering across the lake and making it all the way up to your toes. Morning sun is the best because I know that it will only be perfect once a day, I know that the light is what makes everything prosper. The light in the morning is what hopes, goals, and challenges are made of.
Mar 12
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Dreams for You

Dreams. I dream of things far and wide; new things, old things. Dreams are where I see my creativity fly free. From floating through the air to beating a cheetah in a race, dreams are where you can do everything. When I dream I am invincible, I can do anything. Dreaming is freedom, it’s living life without consequences. Dreaming is like testing out your life before you really try it. Almost every dream is different, but occasionally the same ones slip through the cracks. Some say that dreams mean something, give you hints to the past or the future, but to me, dreams are an escape. Dreams are the adventure you didn’t know you wanted or needed. They are the opportunity to be whoever you want. Dreams are a time to let go. Dreams are a time to let your mind take over. There is no thinking or choice in dreams, you just let your imagination guide you along. That’s the best part; dreams are made for you, by you.
Feb 18
poem challenge: Haiku-Moment
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Morning Haiku

Feb 18
nonfiction, opinion challenge: Tone
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My eyes flutter open and dart to the windowsill, my lucky wooden spoon is still there from last night. I leap out of bed and nearly fall sprinting to the window, I feel the excitement start to rise as the snowflakes begin to fall. I watch each individual snowflake dance through the spirling winter air. I shoot down the stairs and rip open the door to be greeted by a gust of wind that carries the delicate snowflakes inside. I don’t even notice the freezing air and feel only the humming warmth of excitement inside me. It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. There is nothing that could smother my feeling of adventure in fresh powder and the euphoric feeling of the illusive SNOW DAY!

Feb 17
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I am Not a Writer

To be told you can write anything makes it hard. The freedom gives you too much room. Seems easy, but really, the possibilities become overwhelming. I am not a writer. I write because that is what I am told to do. I am good at writing, but I don’t enjoy it. I write to impress, to satisfy, and out of necessity. I understand its importance, but I lean towards math and science. I would rather be given a math problem and be told to solve for x. I like to have a definitive answer, I like right and wrong; black and white. The problem with writing is that there is no end, there is no clear stopping point. When the math equation has been solved and the science experiment has been run, I know that I have done what was expected. I know that I have fully achieved the goal, I can feel accomplished. Sure, I can test for more trials or check my answer, but there is still a clear end. Writing, on the other hand, never stops, the endlessness of it is daunting.
Feb 11
fiction, opinion challenge: Groundhog
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If you know what you miss

If I were to relive one day over and over again, my day would be simple. It wouldn’t be a holiday or any special day in particular. Not one that is even that much different from every other day. It would be a day that when you look back into your memories, it simply blends into the rest. It wouldn’t be fancy or new or even something different. It would be a simple day full of possibilities. The chance to see my friends, hang with my sister, and spend time with my family. My day would be full of laughs and bursting with love. The allure of opportunities and the feeling of contentment would be enough to last forever. It would be a day full of unknown choices and endless tries. A day like this is for the simple things, the feeling of the sun shining on your face in the morning, the sounds of your family cooking dinner together; it would be a chance to relax. The day would be about using the moment to take it all in; every last smell, taste, touch, and sound.