Nov 19
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This One's For My Family

Although it may be cliché, during this time of year is when most, including myself, reflect on what they are grateful for. Yes, what I’m grateful for may sound like the generic commercials and blanket statements made by some just to avoid the real reflection, but so what. I’m saying that I am grateful for my family because it's true. I’m not picking the first thing that pops into my head, or the easiest answer to explain, I am choosing the truth. But I am not one to hastily answer and move on, I am one to think, ponder, review, and scrutinize every piece of information. I will give it to you straight. I am thankful for my family because of their love, positivity, and determination. I am grateful for the way my parents push me to be my best and the way my sister gives me laughs along the way. I am grateful for my family’s support, encouragement, and excitement they bring to everything I do. I am thankful that there is never a dull moment with my family.
Nov 13
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Fabric of Mine

My fabric would capture me. It would be filled with love, intertwined with adventure and euphoria. The braids and weaves of hope. I would capture the feeling of the sun gently rocking you awake in the morning. The feeling of grass tickling in between your toes and the light sound of sprinkles on a tin roof. I would make a shirt- no a sweatshirt- out of my fabric. It would be both stylish and functional. The feeling of a big hug when you need it most. It would have the feeling of home. The smell of my mom’s legendary zucchini bread and the sounds of family banter. My sweatshirt would symbolize the important things to me, it would be a reminder of my friends and family, a pick me up on an eh day, and a sense of calm. It would be composed of my mom’s love and laced with my dad’s humor. It would have dashes of sister arguments- I mean disagreements- and bundles of determination. It would also have those important qualities to remind me to stay true to myself.
Nov 06
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Last Day on Earth

How I would spend my last day on Earth would be pretty simple. I would really want to go to places that are meaningful to me just to get one more good look at them and to relive their memories before we leave. I would take pictures of those places and other things that are important to me. I would take pictures of Earth’s beautiful landscapes, majestic animals, and serene views. I would want to remember my house, the neighborhood, my neighbors, everything. I would want to remember even the smallest things the way freshly cut grass smells, the memories of swimming in the lake, and even the hot air balloons we see in the fall. I would want to remember what my school looked like, where all of my friend’s houses were, and even what the woods around my house was like. The hardest part would be leaving all of the beautiful places you will never get to visit. All of those “bucket-list” destinations that were never fulfilled.
Oct 30
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Last Words from the Human Race

Don’t divide yourselves, you are stronger together rather than as one. 

I think this final sentence would provide insight into both the history of the human race as well as some advice for the future. When looking back on history you can see some of the biggest problems in the word occurred when people, countries, even animals were fighting. It is true that when people find common ground and go out of their way to be united rather than out of their way to be divided, most things that follow are positive. I think that this sentence, now more than ever, is important to remind everyone that we have more similarities than differences, and highlighting our similarities can give everyone strength.  It also gives some great guidance into the future as well. If people started to get along with each other on a multitude of levels the chances of success skyrocket. Overall, the message the human race should leave is one of hope, kindness, and reflection.

Oct 22
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Fall is the Time

I look out across the field and see rows and rows of apple trees. I watch little kids climbing up as high as they can in hope of reaching the elusive, highest apple. I see a bunch of families taking fall photoshoots. But my favorite part of it all is the smell of warm apple cider donuts. I love the way the leaves pirouette from the sky, land gingerly on the ground, just to be crunched by a kid playing tag. The way the sun cuts through the autumn foliage and makes the little sunspots that chase you. I also love the slight nip of the wind. The way the air feels cool and fresh. That perfect weather to wear pants and a sweatshirt. Even as you watch the days get shorter, there is a comfort in it. The height and look of the sun are different, the best, during fall. Although Halloween is your first thought when you think of fall, I prefer Thanksgiving. Although Thanksgiving is can be the borderline between fall and winter, it really pulls in all of the best parts of autumn.
Oct 15
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Vote you

I wanted to create a message for everyone. 
Regardless of political party, Republican or Democrat,
red or blue,
I want people to think red, white, and blue.
Think community
rather than division.

Make decisions based on morals, ethics, what’s best for you.
It doesn’t matter if your parents vote red or blue, lean left or right,
chose for you.
Doesn’t need to be the most well-spoken candidate or the one with the best comebacks.
You don’t need to like their hair or the way they wear their mask,
pick someone who will lead by example
whatever you want that example to be.

Vote to make a difference.
Vote to make a change.
Vote to speak your mind.
Vote to empower others.
Vote to make your voice heard.

Vote for America.