Mar 08

The Challenge

The knot in my stomach tightens. With each step, it twists, turns, flips, and springs. I have to stop and take a deep breath. Then another. Another. It doesn't help. I contemplate turning back. If I do, I'll have to endure more of it. Not an option. I step forward, walking in. I see them. I can't talk. I can't breath. I can't do this.
Nov 17
poem 0 comments challenge: Rhyme

The Field Of Pristine

The field is so pretty 
I am not in the city 
The sun shines down 
The world goes round 
I feel that I could share this field 
With another 
   And another 
As I watch the sun set 
I will not forget 
That this moment is shared 
   This moment is cared
Nov 16

The Tall Tree

Nov 02

Car Breakdown

A while ago, a month I think, my car broke down. I was on a freeway, and I was just barely able to pull onto the side. I got out, and waited for a car to stop. I could've sent for a tow truck, but I didn't want to waste the money and I didn't think that I would get any service out there. Anyway, I waited for a car to stop. Oddly, no one did. I thought I saw someone laughing at me, too. After an hour, someone finally stopped. They got out, and before they could say anything, I said, "What were ya doing!? I've been sitting here for an hour!" They looked surprised. "I only just came through and saw you here. Sorry for the long wait though." The next words that came out of my mouth was, "Ya dang right, sorry. You couldn't have come an hour earlier?" Then, they just left. Sped off, leaving me in the dust. Another hour went by until another person stopped. I said, "What were ya doing!? I've been sitting here for two hours!" They looked surprised.
Nov 02

The Unexplained

The unexplained may be scary. Some may find it intriguing. 3 days ago, that's when it happened. I'm Mitchell Tye, and recently a man walked up to me. He said, "Hello, young one." Me being me, I don't trust strangers. They have to earn it. So I responded, "Hi." He asked if I was lost, and I told him that my house was just down the street, even though it was a lie. "Oh." He remarked. Then started walking away. I didn't try to chase him, or run in the opposite direction. I merely stood still, watching him slip into the darkness of a nearby alleyway. I've never seen him since, and don't care anymore.
Oct 30

The mountain top view

The wind races, blowing my hair into my face. Here, on this mountain top, I feel unstoppable. Looking down to the forests of rough oaks, spikey pines, and sweet maples. Down at the suburban rooftops, flat, slanted. Down to the field with its tall grass, to the bay in the distance with its pristine water, and the small sailboats on the water. Up to the clouds, which I feel like I can touch. Back to the trail here, a reminder to where I came. Here, I am refreshed, my creativity reborn, and I feel I can do almost anything. Now, I start down the mountain, leaving behind the raging wind and the beautiful view. One day, I will come here again. That makes me smile.
Oct 27
poem 3 comments challenge: Secret

Unkeepable Secrets

Oct 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Scars


The scar I have in my mind
Is perfectly designed 
I know it might seem wrong 
I know it lasts all day long 
But I live with it 
And couldn't live without it 
If it was taken from me 
I wouldn't be who I am 
And for all I know I could be a lamb
Oct 27
poem 1 comment challenge: Dark

The Dark

In bed you wonder what to do 
As darkness dances in front of you 
Is there something there? you wonder 
Should I be scared? you wonder 
But in the end you slumber 
And the darkness is outnumbered 
So it goes to haunt another