Jan 29

View from Below

Jan 27


Dec 22

Song of the trees

Dec 15


Nov 02

watch the snow dance

I like to watch
The snow dance outside my window.

Sometimes it twists and turns in an aimless fashion 
While other times it pirouettes and leaps

Some flakes dance in groups while others 
Twirl solo 
In one beautiful moment they all loop in unison
In a wonderful curl

There are points when 
It looks as if smoke curls and spins 
Outside with the wind

Then time stops 
As my gaze locks on a single flake
I track its moves
As it collides and spins around others 
Then finally drifting out of view

I like to watch
The snow dance outside my window.
Nov 02

Blurry Sun

Oct 26

First Trace of Winter

A soft blanket covers the ground
White and sticky
It clumps on the sides of my shoes 
As I walk carfully through it

Green peaks though 
In each footprint

The roofs and tops of the cars have a small dusting
Of the glitering stuff

Fall is gone quicker than expected 
Leaves covered and trees bare

Winter here we come
Oct 24
poem challenge: Dark

What's hiding in the dark?

You pull the blankets up to your nose
But your eyes stay wide
They dart around looking
For something that may 
Or may not be there

Was that a sound?
You feel a scream building up in your throat
You push it deep into your stomach
Leaving an empty screaming ball inside

The darkness closes in
Filling your lungs
Covering your mouth 
Stopping the scream that slips back up
It grabs at your hair and ears
Daring you to move

But your body is frozen
'Move' you think
Your muscles stay tense

Every noise is amplified 
You swear to yourself 
You won't fall asleep
And fall into its trap
Oct 23
poem challenge: Election 2020


Please vote. 
A small scratch of the pen
Decides the fate of the country.

Send your ballot in
Go in person
Find a way to make your voice heard. 

We don't get to 
So do it for us
Our future depends on 

One vote is all you get
Don't loose your chance.

There is only ever going to be
ONE 2020 election.
Make it count. 
Oct 23
essay challenge: Virus

Dear Corona....

Dear Corona...

Hey it's me,

I've noticed you decided to hang around. Great. I don't know if you noticed, but your killing people. And the people your not killing are still dying just not in the way you think. Because of you, people have to distance and never see the people they love. We can't go anywhere! Its sad that when I got to go to the grocery store again, it was like some big adventure! You are ruining peoples lives and you don't care. People are depressed and scared to death. Thanks for the visit but we don't want you here. We are done with all the pain you conflict on us. We will never be the same again. THERE IS NO MORE "NORMAL" BECAUSE OF YOU! Normal is gone now. We won't get to go back to the way things were... Please leave.

Just leave.