Oct 23

Secret Life of Shoes

Oct 22
poem challenge: All Hallows'

What I saw in the Mist

The pale mist coates the windows and trees

It seems to be dancing

A noise cries out in the distance 

A chill runs up my spine

The snow covers my costume

And hers, and his, and theirs

A short girl drifts past me 


I turn quickly 

She’s gone

No wait 

There she is 

A scream is etched on her face. 

Her hair matted down the sides of her face

She is nearly translucent 

“Look” I say 

“I don’t see anything”

I leave the group

I slowly make my way toward her

She walks through the crowd

Gasps ring out as she passes through people

“Did it just get colder”

“I suddenly got a headache” 

She walks into the mist close to the old oak

I follow 

I turn 

I hold in a scream