Dec 15

Our Tree

    In the winter
    Me and my sisters tree
    In the front yard
    Shines bright in the snow.
    With twinkling lights
    Strung between the thin branches.
    We gaze at them from our windows.

    In the spring
    We get ready to climb
    Stretching and jumping
    Waiting for our dad to take down
    The lights.

    In the summer
    We hold and climb and pull
    We jump and slide and swing
    We find branches that look like seats
    And claim our own.
    Friends come over 
    And we all climb together
    A mess of arms and legs in our tree
    Hidden from the world by its emerald leaves.

    In the fall
    We say goodbye
    We climb a few more times
    Then retire from our tree
    We look at it everyday on our way to school
    And again wish it were summer
    So we could climb 
Dec 09
visual/photos/art challenge: Blue

Night Sky

Dec 04

Can't Get Me Out of Your Mind Part 2 of chapter 1

Dec 03

Can't Get Me Out of Your Mind Part 1 of chapter 1

Main Story: This girl Roxanne is a telepath and nobody knows and she lives with her mother in a huge mansion.

Chapter One
Years of love have been forgot, in the hatred of a minute.
-Edgar Allan Poe

    I settled in front of the dining room table and I envisioned myself sitting there alone. As usual of course. Stupid head of mine ruins everything. Instead of sitting down like normal, I walked to the front room and sat before the fire. The high ceilings were drafty and there's not much furniture in the house. It always felt empty and quiet even though everything was still loud and booming in my ears. No not ears, brain. I could hear their angry thoughts from the first story of our huge house. Always so loud those adults. It’s like they want everyone to know their thoughts. Something shifted in the air and I didn’t have to look but I could sense my mother looking at me from the high balcony. 
Nov 17

Not so Bad...

    Oh my gosh

    My face is red

    And i’m blushing like a maniac

    Did I really just have a video of me doing that

    Up on the board?

    Did I really ask for a solo in chorus?!

    Why me?

    Why did I have to be

    The first thing everybody in the whole


    See and hear in that video?

    Oh why did my teacher

    Have to wait until

    I walked in.

    He said he was waiting for me

    So he could play the video.


    You know…

    It wasn’t so bad…

    I mean it’s what I love


    I think I am fine now.

Nov 17
poem challenge: Dark

Any Creepers?


    Any monsters in the dark?

    Creepin’ and waiting

    For the perfect moment to pounce.

    I hear a creak and a skuffle.

    Tensing I pull my covers closer

    Over my small head.

    I wrap my body into a pretzel

    And hug myself.

    I squeeze my eyes shut

    I wait a minute and hear nothing else

    I peek an eye open and see it's bright 

    And sunny out now

    And I stretch out of bed

    To feel something wet touch my foot

    I choke my scream back down my throat 

    And I look down

    To see my dog sitting there

    With her nose smooshed up against my leg

    As a good morning gesture.

    And I smile realizing it was all in my head

    Once again.

Nov 16

The Mystery of Life


    Sometimes confuses me

    I sometimes wonder

    Why are my toes called toes?

    And fingers called fingers?

    That is the mystery of life

    I am not allowed to know those answers

    And never will be

    Life is a complete mystery.

    Confusing and amazing!

    Wonderful and frustrating.

    But I love life

    Just as I should.

Nov 16

Silence is Beautiful


    Beauty is in the silence of the world.

    Silence is calm

    And smooth like water

    Silence is being alone

    Being alone in your silence is


    Silence is that 

cool ringing

    Silence is 

that smooth air

    Purity is silence.

Nov 16

Wishing Thoughts Away

I wish I could erase

    The worst memories

    I wish I could just

    Throw them away.

    I wish they would just

     For a while

    They disappear

    But then those thoughts

    They come back to haunt me

    All the things I have ever done wrong

    So I roll my eyes

    And try to wish them away.

    Wish them away forever.

     But if I did that

    There would be no space for learning

    Only messing up time and time again,
    And more wishing those thoughts away.