Dec 18

Me: The novel

I am the rough draft of a person
riddled with messy mistakes
underlined adjectives that don't fit
chapters filled with people
who come and go
but won't end up in the final edit
memories I'm sure to forget
with parts of me no one will get to know
I am the rough draft of a person
and I don't know when I'll be complete
Dec 14

frozen girl

Dec 13

The Bus Ride Home From A Game

Stunted laughter
followed by the hissing sound of shushing
Gentle swerves
swaying bodies framed by red reflections
conversations break out 
cutting through the quiet droning do the music
flashes of blue light light up faces
posing with Ls on their foreheads
or Ws made of dirty fingers
no care
for whether they should be sad or happy
the same
hum of the engine rumbles beneath us
I wish
bus rides like this lasted forever 
Nov 19

i wish i was actually bilingual

Nov 12


Nov 12


Nov 12

bleeding hearts

Nov 12
poem challenge: Haiku

forget me nots

Nov 12
poem challenge: Abstract

Falling in Love

He doesn't come till the evening
despite long hours of seeking him out
closing doors to meet him
if only for a minute
before he runs off again
never touching down for more than a hello
but at night he's all mine
when he holds me in his arms
when he hides me from the world
and I pour out my soul to him
he listens and watches
and always leaves
so by the time I wake up
he is creeping out the window
no matter how I plead or pray
he retreats into the sun
leaving me behind once again
and I know it isn't healthy
that I've fallen in love with Darkness.
Nov 09
poem challenge: Social media


I click,
I swipe,
I like,
I save,
I feel my thoughts being herded,
rounded up and shuttled into a pen,
but I don't mind.
I join my fellow sheep,
blindly scrolling through brainless information.
that last 0 made me flinch,
one of those 1s made me frown,
Everyone says social media is fake,
but I don't mind.
But when I turn off my phone,
and open the gate of the pen,
leaving behind the silent daze,
I run,
I laugh,
I cry,
I feel my mind run free,
running wild in the open,
leaving behind everything, 
including me,
but I don't mind.