Jun 13
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Last day

Last day already
all the students out on the field
some even crying
It's sad how it's alread the end of 8th grade for us
I don't think some of us are ready just yet
some students gave the teachers problems
some gave up on some of their classes
I think they just made it harder for themsevels for next year
I mean maybe not
last year I gave up in math haft way through do to the fact it was to confusing
I mean now I one of the best
with my 3's and 4's out of 4
but not everyone will be able to get back in track 
they'll need help
but if they take the help or not isn't my problem
my problem now is making it through summer
Jun 09
poem challenge: Favorite

True Favorite

so many people have favorites
favorite writers and artist
most of them are known for being a bit things
but for me mine isn't known that well
my favorite writer, my favorite artist
is my best friend
and ya he might not be known that well
but when I see his work I can't help but smile
I can see he has a talent
I believe in him in what he can do
And friend if your seeing this
Your doing an amazing job, don’t give up

Jun 08
poem challenge: I am ...

who am I?

Who am I?
well I'm not fully sure myself
I'm seen as different things
from that weird kid in class
to someones best friend
someones who always smiles
to someone crying in a corner
from this kind loving girl
to end up being a person confused
I'm seen as differnet things
so let me ask you one thing
who am I too you?
Jun 08
poem challenge: Six Words


Jun 07
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Summer already

As I sit in the classroom, last one of the day
just a few days till we're out of school
It seems unreal, but the weather is so warm
8th grade almost done
almost 9th, almost a high schooler
I shouldn't worry about next year
I mean I have summer break just around the corner!
but something doesn't feel right
am I ready for the next level?
The work is going to build up
less time to have to myself
but I shouldn't worry now
I shouldn't worry just yet
I might as well just relax and worry later...
Apr 22
poem challenge: Overcome


As the moon and stars swirled around me overhead, I was overcome by a sense of being overwhelmed
I was running out of time to get things done
wondering if I would have time –
middle school soon becomes high school
I already struggle to keep up with things
It's already late at night
I look up at the sky
the moon and the stars
I think to myself
I shouldn't worry for now, only worry when it's too late
Apr 12

A sleepless lover

I’m just laying in my bed, but I can not fall asleep. I mean my mind is full of thoughts, but it’s not the only thing. my heart is pounding with these feelings that I don’t understand. But I mean people say it’s not normal, Well I mean it’s normal to love, Oh oh… But I guess not for me-

They tell me that girls shouldn’t like other girls, even though I'm not one. I’m just a person that is all, with feelings like no other. But I guess I'll just stay quiet so I don’t abasis myself. Oh…
Why can’t it just be normal for me?

I’m just a sleepless lover with feelings like no other, but I’m told they aren’t normal, so I’ll just dream about her instead. Oh oh. I wish I could tell her ( just tell her)

I'm just laying in my bed while it is past midnight, I just can't fall asleep as the tears roll down my face. Why is it so unfair? Oh oh… Why can't I just love someone…Oh oh
Can I just fall asleep now?

Nov 04

The outside world

Walking around on the trails
Some of them easy and straight
While others hard steep and all over the place
But still either or trees surrounding the area
Rocks and boulders in the way
Colors like no other
Reds, yellows, greens, and browns
Streams of water among the sides
Not like you would see in a city or town
The nature around us is so beautiful but some don’t see it
It’s what makes this place so different
So peaceful.

Sep 17

Dark sunset

Sep 16

A watching eye?

No matter where I go I feel like I'm being watched
I try to run, I try to hide but nothing is working,
no matter where I am it's always watching,
I don't know how to get it to leave me alone,
I don't think I'll be alone again...