Mar 19
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Paper crane

What starts as a piece of paper,
folded carefully,
pressing each crease with gentle hands,
wings folded out,
beak lifted, 
turns into a pretty crane.
The bird is perched on the table,
it ruffles its feathers,
then the paper crane takes flight.

Dedicated to a friend
Mar 19
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Call me by my name

My name is not just a word.
It is many words combined into one
My name describes me,
my personality,
my problems,
my life.
My name is me and I am my name.
Two halves,
Together we make one.
Do not call me by something that is not me.
Do not call me nerd, little miss perfect, or teacher's pet. 
​Do not call me crybaby, annoying, or boring. 
Call me by my name.
I know my name but do you know it?
Call me by my name.
Mar 03
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A maze of hallways,
a child's laugh echos and bounces off the walls.
I run through the hall turning this way and that
to try and catch a glimpse of the child.
I see her for a fleeting second before she takes off again.
Catch me if you can
her voice calls in a taunting way.
I chase after her while she giggles,
running away from me.
All of a sudden the hallway comes to an end
and she's nowhere to be seen.
I no longer hear her footsteps or her laughter,
She's gone. 
Jan 30
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a dream

I feel somebody sitting next to me on my bed
I open my eyes and see a little girl looking at me
I know her from somewhere,
Then I realize.
It's her.
She's back but how?
Years ago she vanished into the depths of my head
And now she is back.
She smiles and stands to leave.
I reach for her arm 
and all I feel is air.
I open my eyes and realize it was all a dream,
but what I don't see is the small girl
waving to me as she skips away down the sidewalk.
Jan 29
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Puzzle Pieces

My heart is like a puzzle with many pieces
You dump it out and the pieces scatter all over the place,
you then leave them and don't return.
I am left to search for those pieces
and fit them back into the endless puzzle of my heart. 
One by one the pieces are found and fit back into the puzzle. 
After years the puzzle is finished
except for one missing piece,
Which is gone forever like you. 
Jan 25
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Rain is a funny thing.

It pitters and patters, 

But has no feet.

It splashes,

but it has no hands.

It taps on the window, 

But it has no fingers.

It falls, 

But no one pushes it.

It makes different noises, 

But it stays the same.

It comes one day, 

But is gone the next.

Rain is a funny thing. 

Jan 17
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I walk through the rose garden and see a white rose, 
I reach towards it but prick my finger, 
My blood drips down,
and the rose is no longer white, 
But red. 
Dec 02
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Life is a roller Coaster
It has its ups and downs 
Starts slow 
Builds up to the big peak
Shoots down
Then inches to a stop. 
Will you enjoy your roller coaster?
It will be over in the blink of an eye, 
Embrace life.