Mar 01
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Why do we strive for perfection even though it is unattainable?

Perfection: a flawless state in which everything is exactly right. Today, I will be answering the question, “Why do we strive for perfection, even if it isn’t attainable? The first thing that we need to answer is, ‘what is perfection?’. Perfection is the state at which someone or something, maybe even someplace, is free of all flaws or defects. This is the dictionary definition. But the dictionary definition, while it may be true, will differ in meaning for every person. It depends on our background, our life goals, and every single action that we perform during our lives. This is the second thing that we need to answer. What is perfection to us? Perfection, in my eyes, is being so great at something, there is nothing that anyone needs to teach you about that specific subject. For example, if I drew or painted something, and there wasn’t anything that someone would need to say about it, that specific piece of art would be perfect.
Jan 26
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Everything is different now. Yet something still keeps us from flying away into this new atmosphere. 
Everything is gone now. Yet there is a certain familiarity that embraces us. 
We are all separated. Yet there is a bond that keeps everyone close. 
Everything is unstable. Yet there is something there that keeps us from falling. 
Nothing is normal. Yet there is a simple reassurance that keeps us from progressing into the depths of negativity. 
Everything has changed. But I am still alive. 
And I don't know why. 
Jan 24
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I Dream a World

I dream a world, where friends and family can gather without the belief that they are doing something wrong.

I dream a world where people can not only speak out against injustice in this country but do it peacefully and without harm. 

I dream a world where one day people will unite hand and hand with each other regardless of the color of their skin. 

I dream a world where someone will lead us to a safe and healthy state. 

I dream a world where every single citizen of the globe will have something to drink and eat every day. 

I dream a world where gender equality is instituted.  

I dream a world where someone is able to speak out against their label freely, without the judgment of others. 

I dream a world where others will love others unconditionally and without contempt. 

I dream a world where everyone is loved. 
Dec 31
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Sunkissed Sea

This image was taken at the Kamaole beach in Hawaii. My family and I went down to the beach so we could watch the sunset. I just happened to get this photo when the sun was lighting up the ocean. Mother nature can create beautiful scenes when she wants to.