Oct 03
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Ocean Eyes

Big, but not too big.
So blue.
Once I was told they looked like a galaxy.
They look the like the ocean to me.
They are not the regular light blue,
they're dark, dark, dark.
Like you could look into my soul.
They become more blue when I dress in blue.
Like the sky when the ocean's bright.
All the ocean water that I accidently drank when I was young,
maybe it went to my eyes.
Sep 27
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Never Saw It Coming

I know I probably sound like a snob,
but I never saw it coming.
I really thought I had it in the bag,
but no, apparently I did not.
I was ready to go,
but no, I never saw it coming.


I knew it was coming.
I could hear my heart in my ears.
It was so silent, but so loud.
When the names came out,
not one was mine.
Pure shock, it was that came across me. 
Straight to the bathroom,
no turning back.
A few tears, but then realization.
I guess I'll never be a director.
Maybe I belong on stage.
Oct 16
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If only I had 100 billion dollars. I'd share it with the world. No more hunger, no more homelessness, healthcare for all, education for all, no more drug addictions, world peace, and this would be if I had it all. But of course, also the newest tech for me, best dressed, vacation houses, yes, that's be me. But much to my chagrine I don't have 100 billion dollars.
Sep 30
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Something that makes me want to stand up and take action

Something that makes me want to stand up and take action is the fact that minimum wage is not livable. I think that it is completely unfair that people who are working 40 hours a week, or close to it , still aren’t making enough money hourly to live a decent life. Having food on the table for every meal, paying taxes and bills, health care, other insurances, rent, etc is not so easy when you are making $9.15 an hour. And that is the minimum wage for VT! Vermont has one of the higher minimum wages in America. Also, according to the “Raise the Minimum Wage” website Vermont is one of the states that will start to annually raise the minimum wage in a few years. In 2018 the minimum wage is projected to be $10.50. Even though that is still not enough, it is getting better. If I am correct the Federal Minimum Wage is close to $7.00 an hour. What about raising a family?