Mar 17

The Piano in the Street

The dirty concrete I lie on makes my back ache, but the notes echoing inside the piano provide soothing relief. I gaze up at the weathered black casing, which must have once been so shiny it was able to reflect the light of the sun suspended in the blue sky. The three legs of the piano surround me, providing the protective barrier that I am sprawled in. Although the bottom of the piano blocks my view of the cloudy sky, I like it better this way. If lightning illuminates the heavens, if gray clouds hurtle themselves over the mountains, I’ll never know. I’ll just gaze up at the piano, letting my body absorb the echoing notes.
Feb 19
poem 2 comments challenge: Tone

A Lost Moment

Summer days stretch on and on
Like the sun drifting across the blue sky.
They are filled with laugher and boat trips
Blue lakes and campfires.
But these days also pass by quickly 
And the sun must sink below the craggy, pine tree rimmed mountains
Part of a beautiful sunset
Yet gone before we know it.

Sometimes I find myself in a moment
A small one in the ticking clock of time
But I'll remember it.
I stop 
And think 
How sweet it is, as my Gamp always says.
When I am bored from the monotonous repetition of life
Enveloped in a dark winter with a silencing blanket of snow
I'll wish to be here.
This moment is so precious
I want to stay here forever
Yet know I'll never return to it again
No matter how many summers lie ahead of me. 

It's somewhat melancholy
When I dive into the cool water
And in my blue underwater world
Everything slows down.
Feb 14

One Tree Island

Alone you stand on your tiny island of weathered gray rock
Surrounded by immense calm water
A mirror provided for the sky to admire its reflection in
A mirror seldom disrupted, only by the stroke of my paddle and my cedar strip canoe
Just passing through silently
As I observe your stillness.
How sad it must be to stand there, windblown pine tree
Oblivious to how your island separates you from the bustling outside world
Yet there is beauty to your loneliness
Beauty in your thick branches that are bent over from the unforgiving wind 
Yet that still reach out to the stars, and out to me.

We visit in our flotilla of canoes with shouts of excitement
Eager to see the distinctive silhouette of One Tree Island painted into the sky.
But it’s strange to think that you remain here all along
Through the silent winter that reaches its icy arms over the lake