Mar 04
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If you have to go,
I understand,
but I still want your imperfections
as much as I want you.

If you have to go,
I hope I was something to you,
because you were the 
greatest experience of my life.

If you have to go,
I wish that one day I'll find you again
in a coffee parlor
playing our game and listening to our songs.

If you have to go,
I want you to know that
you deserve the world and
someone much better than me. 

If you have to go,
I'll say those words again:


And maybe now
I can finally dance on the moonlit flowers
that you were so paranoid about me
getting lost in.
Maybe now I can 
wear that paper-thin gown you gave me
and run screaming through a supermarket
because I don't give a damn about what people think of me. 
Maybe now I can 
learn what love really is, rather than
Mar 04
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it is 5 am,
too early to get up
but too late to go back to sleep.

my sheets are cold.

it is 5:30 am,
too early to go outside
but too late to stay inside.

my hands are cold. 

it is 6 am
and i am at the rink
ready to play the game.

my lips are numb.

it is 6:30 am
and i am at the door
ready to play my best.

my ears are numb.

it is 9 am;
we are headed
to the championships.

my arms are sore. 

it is 9:30 am;
we are headed
to the nearby coffee shop.

my legs are sore.

it is 1:46 pm
and we are in
a shootout.

i can't breathe.

it is 1:47 pm
and it is my turn
to shoot the puck.

i can't move.

it is 2 pm
and we won.

i am crying.

it is 2:15
and no one had moved.

i am still crying. 
Mar 02
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in my dreams

there is no war,
only a conflict every so often
because wildfires give birth to live
as much as it takes it away.
In my dreams
everyone loves everyone,
and people finally recognize
that love is love
and it can never be broken or destroyed.
In my dreams
the planet isn't dying
and global warming
does not exist.
In my dreams 
the world can see the things
that I can see, read my
mind, understand all the things
I don't know how to say.
In my dreams
no one ever has to go through 
what happened to me, because
I have felt possibly the
worst feeling anyone can feel.
In my dreams
everything is as close to perfection
as it can be, and
the clocks stop and
finally wait for us to catch up.
In my dreams 
(dammit, I'm crying now)
I wouldn't have to work so hard
to be all of my parent's dreams.
In my dreams
Mar 01
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America, Part 2

Hello, America. 
It's been a while.
I guess things have cooled down
a little? You seem to be
doing better; have your
wounds healed?
Forget I said that.
Your wounds aren't
healing; new ones pop up
all the time. I guess that
your previous ones have 
cleaned up a bit-
bring on the antiseptic and cotton balls!
-but your wounds aren't
like a child's skinned knee where
antiseptic and
comfort can calm you. I can't
read you a bedtime story,
can't give you some soup,
can't help you in any form;
even if I could,
would I want to? You know,
I've finished watching the TV show
Lost In Space,
and you remind me of the
Robot. There are some scenes
where the robot is just a 
broken figure, powerless. Then
there are other scenes where he is
alive, powerful. Ready to 
destroy anything that 
Feb 25
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Feb 21
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trees and humanity

after my hockey game
which we lost by 7 goals
i went home,
stared out my window. 
i have a collection of trees
that live outside my front door
and i stared at them, 
silently demanding answers to 
all the questions i've ever had. 
i stare at the birches
that sway in the violent winter wind
but never give in to nature. 
i stare at the willows
that moan when their branches
hold too much ice.
i stare at them all
as the sun goes down, and then 
they aren't different anymore. 
they are a collection of
tree-shaped shadows, and i think
that humanity is like that. 
during the dark, we are all just
during the light, we are our
own individual people. 
humanity and trees.
trees and humanity.

we are alike, yet
no one notices. 
Feb 21
rant 3 comments challenge: Year 2
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conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
"it's quite normal for puppies to bolt their food"

That's the thing about our
species as humans. We adapt
over time; learn to make the best
of what we have. We are
survivors at heart; it is 
in our blood and nature. We
have been taught to prepare for
natural disasters,
a bunch of random things that could
destroy us. But I swear to god
or anything or anyone up there,
no one could have been prepared
for this. 

My friend has his bar mitzvah 
on the full year of quarantine:
March 13th, 2021. Shocking, 
if you think about it. A full year
of isolation,
facetime calls,
empty nothingness...
it's become normal. 
We've adapted. Now we know
to not leave the house without
a mask and hand sanitizer, 
Feb 19
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I am fourteen years old
And my life has changed
For better or for worse.
Though, in all honesty,
Aren’t all changes good changes?
I want to think so,
But I can’t anymore.
I don’t have a family.
Anymore, at least. They’re all
Off on their own adventures; some
Dead, some
Just faded away. As the great
Kurt Cobain said, it’s better to
Fade out than
Burn away. Or maybe vice versa.
I don’t know anything
My parents…
It didn’t work out. The rings on their hands
Are now mere ashes, floating
Around in the wind with their voices and
Their love. They split the money,
Gave me a cut,
Left me alone.
I’m told that part of becoming
A man is learning how to do things
On your own. Along with learning
How to court ladies, but I
Have had no interest in them for
Quite some time now. I’ve been alone
Feb 16
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i want to ask

if you remember me
but i'm scared of the answer. 
i want to ask
what you think of me
but i'm scared of that answer too. 
i want to ask
if you ever loved me
but i'm scared of that answer as well. 
so instead of asking,
i guess i'll have to 
scream. and
you have to answer. 
Feb 16
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If life was a Disney+ movie

I would never have made the mistake
that I did. I never would have said
that I loved you; never would have
fallen for your trap.

If life was a Disney+ movie, 
there would be no pandemic. 
There would be no virus
that caught hold of my 
aunt and uncle once; there would be
no endless stream of 
COVIDCOVIDCOVID inside my head.

If life was a Disney+ movie,
you would still love me. And
we would still talk and you would
still call me a nickname that
a friend of mine calls me now, only 
when it comes out of his lips,
I think of you.

If life was a Disney+ movie, 
everything would be perfect. I
would be perfect. But perfection
has never existed and
will never exist. 

I would still love you.
You would still love me. 
We would have met sometime
in the future, just the way
we planned it. In your
hometown, meeting your