Aug 01
poem challenge: Writing 2022

A Village On the Coast of Nowhere (The Wayward Traveller)

Their lamps constantly flickering –
begging for someone
to stop by 
and say hello,
acknowledge their existence.
The houses are small and
squashed together, 
but no one feels discomfort.
They each know their neighbors and beyond.
They like it that way.
During the night
time slows
almost but never pauses
and the people come out,
girls with their hair braided,
careful works of their mothers,
boys with their hands tucked in their pockets,
careful works of the universe,
everyone else with their voices
and they gather around, not a fire,
but rather the aftermath.
The hot coals burn neon red and orange
and the people tell their stories,
the universe intently watching them,
allowing a hesitant silence in the world.
During the day
they resume their lives as "normal" people
but they know their place in the stars,
Jul 24
poem challenge: Writing 2022

what being a teenager in today's society feels like

how do you write a story
when the words just aren't there
or they're out of reach
floating above your head-
fingers skimming the bottom of them
every time you try to jump back in control-
but they tease you
always dressed in grey silk so you never know
what they truly are
(isn't it funny
how that can be applied to so many other things?)
they always say 
"speak up"
but when we ready our guns loaded
with our personal truths
they pull up their shields
bouncing our bullets back towards us
labelling us as the victim
saying it's our fault
& sooner or later
we stop trying
we stop talking
we stop attempting to make them understand
                               to be heard
& we place tape over our mouths
but they drew the stencil
they bought the tape
they guided our fingers to press it down
over our voice
Jul 15
poem challenge: Rights


do you ever get the feeling
where your body goes completely still
your mind completely silent
nothing feels quite right –
similar to dysphoria but in a way more intense
and you just sit or stand
watching or listening to something
regardless of it being the news or just the world
and at first
you have no clue how to react?

to every kid that has died in a school shooting
to every kid that has been traumatized in a school shooting
to every woman who just got their rights to their bodies taken away
to every person who has been denied health care
to every person who now has a mountain to climb every time you try to vote:

I am sorry.
this should not be happening
we should have our rights
regardless of what they may be
regardless of which ones you might be passionate about

we're all human
and yet
sometimes it feels like with the rights I have being taken away
Jun 29
poem challenge: Scars


i talked to someone today
i talked to a man in canada over a chatroom
he didn't say much
we chatted back and forth nonverbally
he asked me
did a cripple deserve love

i said yes
because everyone does

he asked me why
because i was the first person he'd ever talked to 
that said yes
and i told him
everyone deserves someone
and physical ability doesn't define what a person is
neither does apperance
or an impulsive choice they make
you cannot determine who a person is
just by what they might be

everyone has dreams
i asked him what his was
and he described being with the love of his life
captured every moment in lightened detail
painted an image i could see clearly
and i could imagine it for him
i could see him making his dreams a reality

but he didn't believe me
he said he'd been turned down to 700 jobs
Jun 22
poem challenge: Writing 2022


when i was seven
i still believed in fairy tales
i still wanted to wear a crown
be a princess
have someone look up to me & say
i am beautiful; i am smart
i am everything everyone wants to be:
but perfection isn't a real thing
it's a construct humanity created
we just set the bar higher for the next person
expecting them to pass the bar with ease
when in reality, their legs shake
as they give themselves a running shot.

when i was eight
i still believed in fairy tales
i still believed in true love
i had crushes on girls & pretended to like the popular boys 
just like everyone else
because that was normal then
& i would sit on the girls side of the table
(because 3rd grade boys are annoying as hell)
listening as they all talked about
the people sitting 1 foot away from them
& when they asked me
"who do you like?"
i'd stutter
May 03

My Body, My Choice

You do not have a right
to anything on this flesh-colored landscape
of sheer beauty 
that is my body.
I have worked so hard
to learn to love myself
to learn how to be okay with my body
to learn that I am beautiful in my own way;
not in the way where
I have a slim waist
              perfectly straight hair
              heart-shaped lips that anyone would want to kiss
because isn't that what beauty is-
packaged perfection that expires
once you get ahold of it?
I love every inch of myself
I claim every inch of myself as my own
and no one else's.

I am not a plastic doll
I am not meant to be used as a toy
I am not going to be a jar of porcelain to anyone-
beautiful to look at,
fragile to the touch, 
doesn't do too much
other than stay silent and 
let others gawk and talk about 
as if it's not there. 

I have a right to myself
Apr 21

I Am Not Scared About Writing This

I'm taking a break from my normal writing of poetry and drawings of songs, because as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I belive that it is my right and responsability to talk about something very close to my heart that someone I know has brought to my attention.

This is not okay. Nothing anyone can tell me will make me say that this is okay.

I am gender-fluid. While I have a female body, I still feel like a boy most of the time. I am scared for some of my friends who identify as gender-fluid, non-binary, and especially transgender. 

While the topic of healthcare for transgender people has become a heavy debate over the last few years, that doesn't prevent it from spreading. Who knows where the unacceptance of trans youth will go next?