Jun 21
poem challenge: Freedom

when this is over

may we dance in dappled autumn light
wearing silk clothes wrapped around our
tanned bodies, sun-streaked hair 
billowing behind us.
when this is over,
may we nurse our wounds and tend to the bruises
from the rusted chains that held us back 
for so long. 
when this is over,
may we scream our secrets into silent gusts of wind, 
knowing that whoever finds them will 
keep them safe in small green glass bottles in a 
velvet-lined box.
when this is over,
may our wings stretch further then ever before,
taking up all the sunlight and
take our voices back from those who stole it from us,
discard our bonds,
slip silk clothes over our bodies and
Jun 21

Freedom of Love

Jun 13
poem challenge: Splash!

poem with a strange rhyming scheme

you can hold my head under the water
you can tell me i don't belong
you can throw snakes and stones at me
you can tell me everything i do is wrong

but the longer your hand
glued to my head 
stays underwater, the
more slippery it becomes and the 
more air i can force
into my lungs. 

the water will part
and surround me 
at once.
it is part of me
and you will never hold 
the title that i hold
that allows me to 
b r  e   a    t     h      e 
while you gasp at your sore arms.

you can hold my head under the water.
i will always belong
the snakes have no more venom; stones can't dent my armor
every bad thing you say about me is wrong
Jun 10

freedom of love

Jun 09
poem challenge: Freedom

The Last Day Of School

Oh, finally we have made it. The
built-up pressure of
who likes who, and
No more rules,
dress codes,
No more papers,
No more. 

We run from the classroom,
grab our yearbooks,
hurry to collect signatures.
But at the same time,
are we not also
collecting memories, forever
imprinted with purple ink
on white paper. Maybe one year 
we'll look back and say, 
"Look how we survived this.
The year of the pandemic,
the year of virtual and
hybrid school,
we made it."

We are free.
May 29

summer wednesdays

May 10
poem challenge: Six Words


May 08


May 05
poem challenge: Music


i close my eyes
turn on headphones
spend a good portion of time fiddling with bluetooth
press play.



like through a 
vr set. 
silver dashes on this side of the room
yellow bursts on this side of the room.

everything moves
everything has color
nothing is plain.

if i could take what i see in my head
put it to words
or draw it
or creat a vr program where you can see
what i can see

you would see why
music is so important to me.
May 01

cant hear u EP