Dec 16
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Tunnels of Color

Dec 16
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Strokes Of Green

Jun 20
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Jun 15
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Squares Of Color

Jun 15
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Crossings Of The Sky

May 09
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Apr 22
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Four. Days.

Four. Days.Hamza Harraz

Day 1

Calling him. 


No Stress

Day 2

Parents, home, quick.

Dad-Packing quick.

"He isn't feeling too well. Dad needs to go to check on him.”



"His blood pressure is dropping rapidly”

More Sadness




Might Be Stroke



Day 3




"He is still the same."

"Things aren't looking good”

Day 4

Is he better?


Mom-He is feeling worse

Calling dad-"Your grandpa-he died. Just as I was arriving at the airport in Egypt”

More sadness


Happy times
Mar 30
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I am from

I am from the cold of the true north to the warmth of the land of the free. From the Ottoman Empire to the Egyptian Pharaohs. 

I am from the beautiful sights and sounds from my balcony. The sound of rustling leaves from deer to the wake-up call from the birds, to the squirrels fighting. 

I am from the long, long hikes on sizzling summer days to the frosty winter nights wrapped around in the heaviest blanket.

I am from wearing shorts and sandals over at the Mediterranean to wearing two coats, snowpants, winter boots, a scarf, hat, and mittens in the cold, freezing winters of Vermont.

I am from the beautiful foliage and snow on the trees in the Green Mountains to the dead trees over in the Sahara.
I am from the days to weeks to months that I would travel to Egypt to the days, weeks, and months of where I only could travel around my home.
Mar 30
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Leaf Dew