Mar 04
fiction challenge: Dreaming
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I had this dream every night. I would wake up a little before the next part every day. The story would keep going until I woke up. But today I didn’t for some reason. It always starts with me rushing out the door and getting into my car. We would drive past our town and I would ask my mom where we were going. She always said it was a surprise, but I never knew what it was because I would always wake up. We drove past this weird looking store and it had the date on it. It said June 14, 3021. I have always ignored that, but now that I think about it, why does it say 3021? There is no way that we are in that year, it's 2021. I went to sleep in the car. Then I woke up to a sign that said Welcome to Hawaii. I thought it was fake, but as I looked out the window I saw palm trees and oceans. I asked my mom why and how are we in Hawaii? She said “because we can drive there.” “There is no way we can drive to Hawaii, you have to fly a plane” I said to her.
Feb 22
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Peacock Tree

Everyday after school

I walked past the park 

It was very busy

I was so overwhelmed 

By all the people

By the shouting and yelling 

The babies crying 

But I saw a tree 

It was very little 

I wondered why it was there

Thinking who would plant this

It had little blue and green petals

Like a flower

But I was still very confused on why it was there

I dug it up from the ground 

And brought it to my house

I planted it in my backyard 

Gave it new soil and watered it everyday

I watched it grow

From my bedroom window

It was becoming older 

With all the blue and green feathered petals

I started to think 

What is this tree

I never learned about it in school 

But I guess I could see

I went down to water it 
Feb 12
poem challenge: Fame
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Fame poem

I stood there looking

Looking at the paparazzi 

Realizing this is my life

I make the money I make

But I don't want to do this anymore

I've traveled around the world

Meeting amazing people

But this isn't what I want

I can't live like this anymore

I want to live a normal life

Live in a normal house 

I just want to live

My family told me I shouldn't do this

I never listened to them 

I should have

But I was too stuck up 

I need to go now 

Get out of this life

I'll still have my money 

But I don't want the fame

So I'm saying goodbye

To all these people 

Who made my life kinda better

Jan 26
poem challenge: Love
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Love Poem

There was this girl

Named Scarlett Mcardle  

Blonde hair brown eyes 

Very tall but warm hearted

I would see her on her front porch 

So I said hi

I then went by her house  

And gave her roses on her front porch 

She never noticed me

Until one day 

She walked out and saw me 

It was a cold morning 

And the flowers were dying

I had to quickly get some 

And say my goodbying 

To the man that gave me the flowers each day 

To thank him for making my heart warm in each way 

I went by her house and she saw me again 

I've never gotten so happy 

She smiled at me in all exciting ways 

I gave her the roses and said 

This is the last time you'll get these roses

For they are dying all around town 
Jan 22
nonfiction challenge: Secret
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     There was this girl named Anna. Anna had been keeping something from her friend. She has had trouble with friends before knowing the secret and them using her for this. Her best friend, Sydne, has been her friend since they were 10. They are 17 now. Sydne has never been to Anna’s house in their 7 years of friendship. One day, Sydne wanted to hang out and go to the mall with Anna. But Sydne didn't just want to do that, she wanted to also go to Anna’s house. Anna said, “I’ll think about my house, but let's go shopping first.” 

They went shopping. Normally Anna would buy normal priced clothes and shoes, but today she was going to spill the secret. They went into Louis Vuitton and Sydne said, “Why are we going into here? We don't have enough money to get anything.”