May 16
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Wearing my navy and gold
I sprint like the wind
Only 19 years old
Running my race disciplined
Never had I imagined
I would debut on the worlds stage
With such vulgar nastiness
So much outrage
“Why subject him to a loss”
“he’ll never win”
“Only looking for sympathy”
“Never will fit in”
“He has Autism and he can’t run”
“look @ what this spectacle has become”
“Try Special Olympics where he belongs”
Only for P to shock them all along
P may not come in 1st or just “always last”
P may just be an underdog or an outcast
Alone in my world    alone in my thoughts
This is my chance    this is my sport
I show that no is not an end
Running isn’t my only friend
Cheers from coaches, Momma and team
Living an extreme dream

Apr 09
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Routine Break UP

I miss my school day
Dang Covid 19
All the sensory play
Stuck in quarantine
Mr. Deans in the gym
Ben’s driving the van
PT and OT going for a swim
Phil’s teaching a new math plan
Susan is reading a story from a book
New teacher is teaching from her nook
Erin is painting some new art
Gina is singing, Bell rings and time to depart
Wait for Momma in the hall
Her car pulls up and barely a crawl
Tired from my day and all my friends
Waiting for tomorrow to do it again
Tomorrow seems so far
As it has been 2 years
Being alone, leaving a scar
Waking from this nightmare with tears.
When is my normal coming back?
Momma goes to work and I can run daytime track
When can I see friends in the hall?
Maybe we can do this this fall….stay tuned
Dec 01
poem challenge: Seasonal
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fall is mine

fall is my time
i run all season long
i wear a cool uniform 
i race all season strong

i run like a cheetah
i run like a slug
i run with the wind 
i end with momma hug

coach yells to go very fast
coach yells pick up the pace
i may come in last
but i do it with grace

XC starts in hot summer sun
sunny, hot sweat, rain
i love to run
and race through the pain

season cools 
time ends soon
back at track at the school
from sun to moon

From june to november
from sun to snow
i always remember
the places we go
Dec 01
poem challenge: Hope
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hope for chance

i have autism and an athlete
i have friends  a name  and fast feet

i have a chance to run my best
i come in last but complete my quest

i am not autism nor is it me
i am an athlete for the world to see

kids range in age from youngest to oldest
we run in weather hottest to coldest

i wear a number but not the word
"hes different" "hes weird" "hes awkward"
i have headphones, hoodie and shades
i am a teen an athlete and 12th grade

Nov 24
nonfiction challenge: Treasure
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Race Bibs

i keep bibs
i run fast
i run slow

i travel vermont
north and south
east and west

i count my time
i see my place
i come in last
smile on my face

i win when i am done
the rule is to cross
i am a cheetah and slug
i am the boss
Nov 10
nonfiction challenge: Cat Person
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I have cats

i have cats
i have them all

i have stripes
i have spots
i am furry
i am caught

sleeps in my room
up on my bed
leaving their paw
on my head

no naked cats
too cold to be
vermont is weird weather
to climb out of bed to pee

cats are all sizes
colours too
we had 1 named Smurf
he was british blue

prunella was a persian
torti and stout
fluffy was orange
poofy and flat snout

taylor was tabby
stripes and all
thistle is one too
and butterball

peanut a halloween baby
was a calico
sylvia was a feisty
mighty tuxedo

caspurr is the baby
gray and furry
having 8 cats
makes my mind all blurry

8 cats in 14 years
all special needs
each needing a home
just like me

i have cats
and will do so
Nov 10
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EDD Adaptive Sports

Nov 10
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No school

Mar 12
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I believe

I have friends at school
alone and sad
not alot of help from 
mom and dad

I have friends at home
scared and cold
empty plates and no roof
their car sold

I have friends in the world
going without
adults around offering no help
in a place full of doubt

We need to work
side by side
until no one is left out
no one cries

Feb 26
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I am a tree

I am a tree
strong proud and free

branches strong and able
trunk hearty and full
roots grounded where i sleep
too tough to pull

each leaf for those i love
each twig for hope
the sun hits my face
and i grow

arms extended 
colourful as can be
growing stronger
for all to see